1. I felt like I was truly in love for the first time when I met Alli. Beautiful girl, smart, funny, the works. Took her to prom. Spent a year together. (add cute love story) Anyways, she was THE girl in my mind. I thought about marrying her. One day I got the news she was moving away to a town about a 2 hour drive from where I live and we agreed to keep it going. I would write to her everyday. We would skype everyday and on weekends we'd visit eachother. As time grew I could feel the distance between us was increasing and it sucked. I still wanted her more than ever but she was losing interest. Then it all together kind of stopped out of the blue. There was another guy she met. This dude was a total prick he cheated on her numerous times and she didn't find out until months later of them being together. She talked to me and apologized for what had happened between us and I thought we would get back on track but we each went to separate colleges each on a separate side of the country. She did some mean things to me. She faked an engagement in order to hurt me and I never understood the reason behind it. I hadn't talked to her in months. One day I was scrolling through the facebook newsfeed and I see a picture of an engagement ring with the announcement of her and another guy from that part of the country she was living in were engaged. It shocked me. This was the night I came closest to suicide. I was all set to drive my car right off a cliff. I don't know what made me change my mind but I went back home. I looked at the post again and sure enough it was her with a beautiful ring. I noticed that the post was only viewable by certain parties so I checked to see who could view it and I was literally the only name on the list of users who could view that relationship: engaged status and picture. I thought it was messed up. I don't know why but I miss her so much. I should rightfully hate her but I don't I love and miss the Alli that I used to know. The Alli who used to sing to me no matter how embarrassed she was. The Alli who would talk to me about anything. The Alli who accidentally farted on our first date lol. The Alli who literally made me speechless when I first saw her in her dress picking her up for prom. The Alli who I scrambled to get her favorite bands autograph for. The Alli who told me her deepest secrets. They say your first love will always be in your heart and I totally agree with it. 2 years later I still think of her and I would love to speak with her again it's just not that simple. It's hard moving on but I swear I need to. She's not who she used to be.

    I just want my old Alli back.
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    Hi. I am really sorry Ali has changed. I know you love the Ali who you knew. I am sure she was a very good and lovable person. The thing I was thinking about when I was reading toward the end is how lucky the girl you end up falling in love with next will be. Because you are one good guy. I hope you will find someone who is kind and good to you. And who you love far more than Ali. I hope this for you. In the meantime, please keep posting here. Its such a good community. I like it a lot. So many caring people. I wish for you that you had your old Ali back. And if that cannot be, ( because she is not a kind good person to you) I wish for you that you find someone who you love even more. And who is worthy of your love. :hug:
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    It can be hard to let go when you think about the good memories you had, but it's not good to keep someone in your life if they are hurting you. You don't ever have to forget the memories, but sometimes you just have to let go of people as they change.