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Miss your ex? Maybe this thread will help

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by A_pixie, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. A_pixie

    A_pixie Well-Known Member

    Alright. This thread I hope is going to help both me and the people who have had their hearts trampled.

    I have a personal VENDETTA against heartbreakers and users.


    Sound familiar?

    I want people to come on here and make a list of everythign your ex did to annoy you. Not endearing little habits but REAL character flaws that made your blood boil, but after you nroke up the rose tinted glasses took ove.r

    Time to get rid of said rose-tinted glasses. I'll start:

    Ex's name: DREW

    1) Drew would brag about going to rehab at an older age due to him dreaming of becoming a so-called rock star. Ambitions of destroying his body with drugs to the point of rehab....yeah real fucking mature.

    2) Drew would change his accent according to his favourite celebrity's nationality at the time, i.e. he was a fake person.

    3) Drew would walk out of the room to go to sleep without telling me leaving me stuck in self-pitying conversations with his mother.

    4) Drew would wear that RIDICULOUS HAT and pose like Pete Doherty even though he can bearly smoke a cigerette without wheezing.

    5) Drew would spend my money on shit he didn't need because he was too lazy to get a job. This shamelessness includes SELLING a £369 guitar I bought him JUST TO CHEER HIM UP ONE DAY.

    6) Drew blamed his father for everything and would never even consider something his his life may be his own stupid fault.

    7) When Drew was 14 he had sex with a 13 year old CHILD.

    8) Drew would brown-nose his idiot friend Joe because Joe was a violent moron who loved his little pet sidekick Drew. They even had to break up with their girlfriends at the same time, and frankly EVERYONE has said me and Jess are very much out of their leagues. Whether this is true or not, it does not stop Drew from being a self-absorbed ****.

    9) Drew will never be happy. Nothing in the world is ever good enough for him, nothing worth working hard for, nothing worth trying for.

    If he can ever find a better girlfriend than me I will give that penniless bastard all the money in my bank, every penny of which I worked hard for.

    Except he never will. Nobody can give him what I did.

    Goodbye Drew

  2. beauutyy

    beauutyy Well-Known Member

    EX'S NAME: Nick

    1) Nick would tell me he would stop excessly drinking when he DIDNT.

    2) Nick would lie to my face saying that he wasnt interesting in a girl he went to school with, but he CLEARY WAS.

    3) Nick would ball up his fist when he would get mad and walk away from me. So every time I tried to work things out he would just ball his fist tighter,as though he was going to punch me.

    4) Nick, would talk shit about my family, but then when I would tell him how badly his mom treated him, he would blow up at me and say nothing was wrong with his family when clearly his mom being a fuckin alcholic and bringing him down, WAS a problem.

    5) Nick, continued to smoke pot, even when I told him I didnt like it. He said it was cool, personally I think he looked like a pussy.

    6) Nick told me his penis was circumsied...IT WASNT. so when i saw it for the first time, i looked at it,and started cracking up, because it looked awkward and I said "why does it look like a sock on a hose?" and then,he finally admitted it. ha.

    7) Nick, had a car yet his ass was too lazy to get his lincese. Which caused him to be a cranky bitch all the time.

    thats all I can think of at the moment.
  3. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Ex's name: Rachel

    1) Rachel would not be exactly the person I wanted her to be.

    That's pretty much the problem I've had with every girlfriend.
    I've got to realize that I am the only person responsible for my happiness, no one else is.
    I cannot mold someone into something they are not. I have to accept people for who they are, or else I'll never be able to make a relationship work.
  4. MaNg0s

    MaNg0s Well-Known Member

    Ex's name Chelsea

    1. Chelsea would always let her little brother push her around he was 11 and he treated her like a slave.
    2. Chelsea got pissed at me even if I had one beer and she was so narrow minded when it came to drinking or smoking.
    3. Chelsea was not very willing to paying back the favour of me giving her oral. I would go down on her for 20-30 mins she would go crazy but never gave me oral.
    4. I quit smoking pot for her if she would not lie to me anymore and she still lied to me even though I quit smoking for her.
    5. After years of being with her she did not want to forgive me in my past mistakes and broke my heart.
    6. She acted like a bitch in front of her brothers.
    7. She let her friends treat her like shit.

    This list was harder to make then I thought it would be. When I saw this thread I thought cool idea my list is going to be huge but to be honest yeah she did have a few bad qualities but that will never stop me from loving her.
  5. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    I hope this thread does not turn into blaming others for our own misfortune. We have to accept responsiblity for our own problems and not say well he or she was a terrible g/f or b/f, it's all their fault.

    Forgiveness is a most powerful tool. Forgive your ex and set them free. Forgive yourself. Set yourself free.
  6. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    He didnt know the meaning of a wash!!
    Dental hygiene was a complete mystery to him.
    He was always wanting something..nice phone wanted new one, good computer had to have an upgrade...great car hankered after Lexus :dry:
    Had the manners of a pig:mad:
    Made people feel uncomfortable.
    Thought that being academic made him superior to less academic souls (fucking intellectual snob :mad:)
    Total lack of feeling for anything outside of himself.
    A BORE!!!:dry:
  7. LostMyMind

    LostMyMind Well-Known Member

    Ex's name: Amber

    Amber would lie about everything and I mean everything.

    She wouldn't do anything around the house. I worked and supported her for three years, she sat home on her ass all day. I made dinner every night for us and she couldn't even do the dishes. I didn't mind supporting her, but she could of at least helped out a little bit with the chores.

    She would never call me or say anything about her plans, she just disappeared all the time without me having the slightest clue as to where she went. I was never invited to go with her. Most of the time she went to a friend's house, did all sorts of drugs and showed up at home at random hours during the night. Who knows what else she did while there.

    When I first started going out with her I was a virgin. She had already slept with four guys and she wanted sex with me right away. I didn't want to have sex and when I told her that I wasn't ready she said "grow some balls". She pretty much forced it on me. Yes, it takes two to tangle, but I could say she raped me the first time we had sex and it wouldn't be a lie. She wanted sex all the time for the longest while, then all of a sudden she didn't want it anymore. It left me sexually frustrated and confused since I had grown so use to receiving affection in that way. I believed in love making, as in equal reciprocation, she believed in "fucking" as she put it a few times.

    She would put personal ads online advertising herself at places like match.com with a few very revealing looking photos. When I found out about it she apologized and said she was just looking for more friends. I forgave her and believed what she said about the ads. I was blinded by how much I loved her and didn't want to admit that she may have been looking for another partner. Especially since during this time she was always talking about how much she loved me and wanted to get married to me. She was always looking at wedding dresses and rings and even mentioned a wedding date. Turns out, she was having sex with another guy when I was at work. I was torn to bits and wept like a baby when I found out.

    Looking back on the relationship I know now that all she ever cared about was herself. It was always about her and what she wanted. I don't think I was perfect, I'm sure she could have a short list about me as well, but she knows I would of done anything for her and I always tried my very best to make her happy. I feel like an idiot for staying with her for so long.

    Sorry for the long rant, and yes I know I'm a doormat.
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  8. kittyD

    kittyD Well-Known Member

    ex's name: Dave

    1 isolated me from my extended family
    2 drank more and more from day 1 for the next 20some years
    3 left me in the hospital with an ectopic/tubal pregnancy and went out drinking cause 'he' was so upset. ha
    4 always accused me of fucking around--so i nearly did
    5 called me horrid names
    6 told me that I'd never have anyone as good as him again. ha ha
    7 wouldn't go to pre-natal classes with me and was not there when both of our kids were born, his loss not mine
    8 played kD in the middle with my mom, both of them trying to control me at the same time
    9 would disappear for nights, days weekends drinking
    10 isolated me from friends, always giving them putdown nicnames
    11 relentless nag, i have full sympathy for henpecked husbands!
    12 got suspended from work for a month for hitting a supervisor and didn't tell me about, had to hear it from his troublemaking brother, while we had one brother living in the family room and another in a trailer in the yard, and i had taken the summer off to be with the kids.
    13 eventually alienated his own brothers with his caustic attitude while drinking

    sigh, that was good.
    now I'll personally do a list of the good things, cause we have a good relationship now, 7 years after we split, go figure.
  9. hammockmonkey

    hammockmonkey Well-Known Member

    1: steal my razor blades
    2: bleed on my sheets
    3: steal my booze
    4: yell at me for being an alcoholic while drunk
    5: my plans didn't matter, if she needed it I was supposed to be there ready to go.
    6: would let anyone walk all over her
    7: wouldn't admit to her parents we were having sex while i slept in her god damn bed.
    8: never smiled.

    I'm not blaming her for a bad relationship, there were plenty of shitty things I did too.
  10. FallingLeaf

    FallingLeaf Member

    I wish I could be angry at my ex, but the break-up and the five days without any contact at all have made me realize, more every day, how great he was.

    His biggest fault was protecting his emotions, but really, with the life he's had how could he not?

    How pathetic, that I can't even think of an angry list =/
  11. Epical Taylz

    Epical Taylz Well-Known Member

    Ex's Name: Stephen [[[[thisll be hard..]]]]

    1. Asked me out over AIM
    2. Didnt kiss me until one month of going out
    3. Never let me go to his house
    4. We only hung out once every month
    5. He would IM me about me not being open enough with him
    6. He would call me for three minutes every week
    7. He didnt tell me that he was grounded, i found out from his sister.
    [[easier than i thought, lets think of another ex.]]

    Ex's Name: Frank

    1. Didnt act like we were going out in school
    2. Didnt call me when i was having a bad day
    3. Told people that i cut
    4. Kissed me and then broke up with me
    [[we only went out a week.]]

    Ex's Name: Jason

    1. Didnt call me to say goodnight
    2. let me fall asleep when he knew i couldnt be trusted at night
    [[short list cause we only went out one day]]

    Ex's Name: Max

    1. Didnt buy my movie ticket
    2. Didnt call me and ask me out
    3. Only talked on AIM
    4. Didnt walk by me
    5. Didnt talk to me at all
    6. When i was scared during the movie, he wouldnt put his arm around me
    7. Broke up with me on AIM
    8. Told me why we broke up, which i found later a lie, but he told me everything
    that i was insecure about at the time.
    [[we also only went out for a day]]
  12. sakuragirl

    sakuragirl Well-Known Member

    ex's name=lets call him asshole

    1. refused to help around the house, its womans work
    2. Didn't work from sheer laziness
    3. spent money including making the bank go overdrawn on a regular basis
    4. would hit me or not ironing his clothes right
    5. would hit me if dinner wasn't on the table
    6. would call me ugly every opportunity
    7. would tell me what to wear, how to do my hair etc
    8. call me fat, lazy, stupid even though i have 2 degrees and worked 60 hrs to support his ass
    9. had no sense of hygiene
    10. made sex all about him, whether i was interested or NOT
    11. would make me wipe his ass
    12. now getting a divorce he wants me to support him, asking for $1500 a month
    13. stole money and got the car repossessed (it was in my name)
    14. cheated on the tax returns
    15. alienated me from my family and friends
    16. accused me of having affairs with gay co workers/women
    17. got 5 warrants and didn't tell me so he went to jail (but i got the guts to kick him out then)
  13. leftoutsidealone

    leftoutsidealone Well-Known Member

    ex nr 1:
    - he was from another continent
    - he didn't call/mail me enough

    ex nr 2:
    - addicted to a certain stupid sport
    - over-eager to meet new people and not spend enough time with me
    - was sloppy and had no style
    - made me upset, got me depressed after all those times he left me, and yet came back to sexually use me while it meant nothing to him, for me it was still an ongoing relationship
    - cares none how i'm doing now

    ex nr 3:
    - i don't want him to be my ex, but he lives on another continent
    - he doesn't love me, but he doesn't know that in spite of the distance and the time that has passed since we last met, I do
    - after him i cannot possibly feel physical attraction to anyone else although i am lonely and would like company for dinner, i avoid dates because i find everyone except him physically repulsive
  14. Cat2007

    Cat2007 Member

    You know, I started to write my list, and when I got to #46 (not kidding!) which including lying about being married, lying about his name, lying about his age, trying to strangle me, and cheating on me repeatedly, a magical thing happened:

    I don't miss him anymore.

    So rather than post all 46 of my miseries here, I decided to copy and paste them into a Word document that I saved on my harddrive, to remind me in the future should I ever again decide to miss a warped person who abused and degraded me for almost two years.

    This is a great thread! xoxoxoxo :biggrin:
  15. fade2black

    fade2black Well-Known Member

    Ex's name: Lets call her A

    1) A never had time for me. She was always "busy"

    2) A begged me to be hers only to leave a few weeks later

    3) A needs to grow up and stop acting like shes 14

    4) A is a hypocrite

    5) A is a princess and relies on daddy to give her everything

    6) A only wants friends when it suits her

    7) A promised me everything and gave me nothing

    8) A is a liar

    9) A treats her friends like shit and wonders why she's losing them
  16. Spikey

    Spikey Senior Member

    Oh Christ, there is too much wrong with every single one of my exes to even list, it'd go on for about six pages. Let's put it this way; every one of them, albeit being nice enough people (er, all except one or two), was a complete and utter c**t in the relationship if that makes any sense!! I guess the people I have been with in my life just weren't compatible with me :rofl: . It's only now that I look back and I think "Melissa. What the fuck were you thinking you strange strange person??" I mean OMG some of the stuff that guys have done :laugh: it'd make you piss yourself laughing at some of the idiots I've been with! :laugh: I'm laughing myself atm just thinking about it!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. hmm... i really cant think of anything. he deff has his flaws but thats what makes him, him afterall.
  18. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    ..dunno...i won't go into it. edited. :dry:
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  19. Ohm

    Ohm Member

    Will not use names.

    Nr. 1

    1. She thought her rich friend was so cool and look up to her even though her friend accused her for things she didn't do and was ignorant and looked down on everyone else.

    2. She had sex with two boys at the same time at the age of 15.

    3. She said she wanted to move in with me, less than two weeks later she just turn her back to me.

    4. For a month she had her back turn on me didn't say anything about it. Went to the movies with her and some friends and she suggested to sit randomly, but ended up sitting next to me, and leaned as far away as possible from me during the whole movie.

    5. When we finally broke up she told me it was because I didn't look at other girls, didn't flirt with others girls. She wanted a guy she needed to work too hold on too.

    6. After we broke up she just left me and went to a cafe saying she needed company not to take it so hard knowing i had no one to talk to. There I sat alone....

    7. Later follow me agains my will on night on the town blaming the brake up one other issues she had (her rich friend accusing her....), managed to me me believe she still wanted to be with me.

    8. Tricked me to believe she still liked me when all she wanted was to sleep with me.

    9. All she care about was being liked by everyone.

    Nr. 2

    1. A boy made a sucking mark on her neck and she got angry at me for getting jealous and angry at her for letting him do it.

    2. Didn't pay attention to anything i said.

    3. Interrupted me all the time, and when we got silent moments she just looked at me saying i was boring.

    4. When something was wrong she said "Its your fault" even when I had nothing to do with it.

    5. She was sick and said she was to tired to meet me, but went out with friends.

    6. Had lots of "graffiti text drawings" from her X hanging in her room and on her computer. Even shoved them to me and said how nice the where. (The text was usually her name with Love from Ex)

    7. Her parents pay for everything, but she needed to work a whole summer when we was dating too move out and believes it will be enough.

    **feel like I have a problem keeping Girls interested in me, thats what I hate the most. Like they are right when they say I'm boring.

    Feels like this really helps : ) thanks for the thread
    -may be some writing mistakes but really cant read through it.
  20. darklogic

    darklogic Active Member

    Ex's name: "Bitch"

    1. Lied to me without guilt or shame
    2. Sold and snorted coke *yuck!*
    3. Was always "busy." i.e. selling drugs and/or being a ridiculous man-slut
    4. Said he loved me and then the next day said that he "didn't mean it."
    5. Never picked up after himself
    6. Was an asshole to his mother, brothers, and friends
    7. Sucks dick (literally!)
    8. Ocassionally smelled REALLY bad
    9. Would frequently initiate sex while I was still asleep
    10. Is a complete selfish ass
    11. Never actually wanted to get to know me as a person
    12. Used me

    Thought this would help but actually I feel a lot worse now.