Missed first 4 weeks of uni

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Gah, I am an idiot. I didn't want to go to uni after a horrible year but I didn't have a choice. My mom is trying to help me so much she forced me to go and I know she'll kick me out if I drop out. I feel trapped.

I'm sooo fucking depressed, i want to sleep all day. I can't do this anymore, I also have throbbing SA as usual, everything is the same as last year, nothing is changed and that is what hurts. Why am I like this in my position? I don't deserve anything in life and all these opportunities and my family.

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I hopeyou can get some tutoring so help to get caught up with your work hun take one day time okay if you have to drop some subjects then do it okay so you are not so overwhelmed hugs


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Hopefully, your university has some free counselors that can provide you emotional support. I'm sorry you seem to be in a very bad place right now. I hope you can still salvage the rest of the semester and make it through. :smile:


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Thanks for the posts guys. Hopefully I can salvage the balls to attend next week's classes, catch up and make something of it. I just can't find motivation to do anything anymore, I'm depressed 24/7 it's never been this bad in 2 years.

I feel horribly trapped. Like I've walked into a dead end with the police on my back.


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I'm in a very similar situation, to be honest. Haven't been to school in over a month, and, unless a miracle happens, I'll not have a place to stay as a result.

As others have mentioned, and has been proposed to me, is to at the very least go to school and talk with a counselor, try to explain the situation. Certainly they'll understand and work with you, although the instructors themselves may not be cool with so much time being missed.

If you succeed there's going to be a pretty tall stack of homework to be done, don't fool yourself. Not to mention the tests. But if you can get back in then at least your safe and can work at getting everything taken care of.

Also, have you seen a psychiatrist/tried medications? I'll be honest, they didn't seem to work for me, but perhaps they can work some magic for you.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes. I'd definitely like to find out.


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Attended pretty much every class so far, but I was under the influence in most, but not all of them..... I actually worked better, but I know it's bad long term plus I embarrassed myself a few times, doing things I normally wouldn't but not out of the ordinary.

The biggest issue with me is SA. I've tried medication, I've used one that helped, a benzo, but doctors in the UK don't give those out freely to those who need it so I don't bother. I just don't feel cut out for uni and independence or whatever, haven't made a single friend either... I feel like crap, just like at college I'm struggling through, it's not a good balance for success.

Thanks for the posts though, they've kept me going.
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