missed seeing her grow up... :(

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    in 4days my baby sister will be turning 11... its a scary thing for me! i love her so much she is a big part of what keeps me going... we may fight we may not always get on but i love her to bits!! but its scary she is turning 11 she is not so little any more... she was 7when things 1st got bad for me and i feel as though going though my struggles I've missed her growing up i feel i focused so much on all the bad and on my self harm and ideas of suicide i didn't get to see my sister grow up the other day i was sitting at the comp and she came in to use the phone when she finished on the phone i asked her and she told me (she gave a name but yea) said it was a guy in her class i asked her why she rang him (being the nosey big sister i am) and she said so we could talk im going to his place now... then when she got home she spent 2hrs going on about how cool and awesome etc that he is then when we where lying in bed (we shear a room) she told me she had a crush on him and hoped he'd ask her out... that was when it hit me how much she has grown up from that little 7 year old who loved nothing more than to play with dolls and play house with her friends and who thought boys had kuties she has grown up so so much and i missed it... i let my own crap get in the way of seeing my sister grow up :cry: i love her so so much... but it scares me hows shes getting older i worry alot about her like what if she ends up doing some of the things ive done i dont want to have to see her go though what ive been though i would not wish this on my worse enemy let alone my little sister... idk what the point of this post was oh well...
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    hun, sometimes you have to put yourself first. the good thing is, your still here for her, you havent left her. you can be there for her when boys break her heart, when she needs a sister, and you can help her avoid your pit falls. the best thing you can do for her is be there, and it sound like you were last night when she came home and spoke to you about the boy she likes. :hug: yoru a great sister hun
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    pehaps you can spend some times with her now guiding her now spend time with her shopping taking her to some neat places etc. You kept yourself well and that was good so now you are a bit stronger you are able tohelp your sister more. Being a good listener is always something a little sister needs.