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    i may have put this up before i do not remember but im crying buckets tonite missing mom. no one really knows who i am deep inside my heart and my soul, i never let anything show. everytime i look at myself, everytime i hear moms voice, i look at myself and who i see is her. she and i are one, her spirit lives in me and even tho i kno she isnt hurtin anymore, that she isnt sick with cancer it still hurts. listening to her voice hurts, like a fire that will never go away.
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    :hug: :arms:

    I understand what it's like to miss the loved ones you've lost...my heart goes out to you..
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    So hard to hear the voice of a loved one gone. She wouldn't want you sad you know that Your mom would want you full of happiness and joy doing things that you love When you hear her voice remember that okay how she loved you so remember the good memories that made you laugh Honor your mom okay by doing someithng special for you each day because she would want that :hugtackles:
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    Please Pm me I know what this is like to lose someone dear to you xxxx
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    Hey i understand, i lost my mum to cancer 9 years ago, she was my best friend and a part of me died with her.
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    i understand how hard it can be to hear her voice. My mother died when I was a baby, and only recently did I find videotapes of me when I was a baby on which she actually talks. It was the first time in my memory that I heard her voice. It tore me apart yet at the same time I couldn't stop listening.

    I hear ya, and if you ever want to rant, feel free to drop me a Private Message :hug:
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    I'm so sorry. (((Hugs)))