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Missing Work


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This week I missed the last 3 days of work due to severe panic attacks and a depressive episode. I was bombarded with sucidial thoughts when driving (and I also work around a lot of sharp objects). I talked to my supervisor and he cleared me to take time off and get better.

I know this may not make sense because my emotional well being is/was on the line but now I feel guilty about missing work. It's making me feel like a slacker even though I have been "working" this week on myself and feeling better. The only comfort I have right now is knowing it was not that busy and I was in such a bad state that I would not have been productive anyway. So I just feel a little guilty, not to mention my paycheck is going to be half of the expected amount... thanks for taking time out to read this and if anyone had ever experienced this before I'd like to know how things went.


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I think you need a big hug and some TLC. You need the time off and it has been cleared so try not to feel so guilty about it. You needed the time off and hopefully it is doing you well, I remember during the week you were suffering from anxiety and shaking from it, stay calm and remind yourself you need to have this time off to recuperate. I am glad they were understanding about it. That is a bonus. I care, good luck to you x


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What can you do with the blame ? Can you go back and work those days? I told you this because blaming yourself is a waste of time. Yes. This can seem easy to say but negative feelings give us nothing good. You have been sick, you needed that little break. Working is necessary to live but the main thing above everything is health. So, let far the blame, the farest you can.


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You're total right, I did need it. Over the past 3 days I have slowly calmed down and am beginning to feel normal again. Now I can actually be productive at work come Monday. Sometimes it's good just to hear some reassurance that you did the right thing.

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