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    Appearantly I have been called a bad man because I have been insensetive to somebody who has cancer, I didn't know anybody had cancer so how can you blame me for being insensetive. Before you start judging others please look at yourself. It's so easy to turn on people, because you have pain. Instead of asking me WHY I was insesetive you jumped to the conclusion that I'm a bad man, as you are just looking to blame somebody for your pesent state of mind.

    I'm actually glad I was kicked out of chat, that chat is just to much. So many suicidal people shouldn't be allowed in one place. It's just unhealthy. I still strugle with suicide at times, but I got the forum to keep me going. Again I appologize to anybody who has cancer, I had no idea. I hope you pull through.
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    Dont get hard on yourself. Learn from it and go on.

    I lost a little nephew to cancer when he was only ten years old. I was very close to him. Take the time to understand the suffering of others. Dont say anything if you don't know what to say. Cancer is the modern day plague of yesterday's past. I learned of it... through losing someone dear to me. Be grateful you have not had this experience... it can haunt you till the day you die.
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    Again I didn't know somebody had cancer, don't you see you guys are ganging up on me because you want to blame somebody for your present day situation? No joke. It's so easy to blame.

    "Be grateful you have not had this experience... it can haunt you till the day you die." I'm gratefull I don't have it yes. I just hope whoever it is, and I think I know who, is going to make it. I don't know what else to say. To whoever it is, and I think I know who, I don't belive to much, but Jesus loves you.

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    thats ok buddy...i got booted altogether! lol

    but let me tell you...you are a bad mofo! ;o) i mean that in the best and most sincerest way. Meaning that your good...just to clarify (i must be on my best behaviour. I cant have ppl misunderstanding me)...plus how can you tell via computer if someone has cancer or not unless if they tell you!

    i actually told the admins i was going to leave...whats the sense if they are going to sit me in the corner and not allow me to talk to anyone. but after a couple of days and reading some of the posts, and actually taking what fawkes had indicated about feeding self pity...i decided to come back. Mainly because some (maybe all) are looking for advice and not only for someone to say, im listening, keep talking or give them emote hugs...those things in reality mean nothing and dont alter ppls moods! Its what said to ppl that actually count. I see very few ppl doing that. Thats the truth! Example I noticed the mod who gave me my second infraction with 14K posts, and really with nothing to good to say to anyone as I checked some of her posts....including me. She did however give me a emote hug as if that was going to make me happy after I asked and requested a debate!

    It was funny...i thought about the events of the other night and had to laugh, because it reminded me of a scene from One flew over the cookoo's nest...where Jack Nicolson got unruly and all the crazies followed suit....

    Now admins please, im not saying anyone is crazy...im mainly referring to a movie. So please i dont really need any more points added to me...plus I felt as if someone was imitating me and truth be told...there is only 1 jabooty!

    if this gets posted Ill be very surprised!

    anyway...carry on!
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    Did you ever think this forum depresses you more?