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My parents are kicking me out of my house this Sunday. Of course that will help my depression. What a bunch of idiots. I have nothing left. No money, nowhere to go, and I have too much pride to be homeless.


why are they kicking you out ?
can't they at least let you stay until you find another place to live ?

All i can do is ask what everyone else has said and what happened for them to kick you out?

Depending on your age their are places that can help in situations like this, i'm not sure about the help available in canada but over in the UK we have support groups helping with homeless adolescents, the best thing would be to sit down with your parents and have a serious talk with them.

Take care of yourself

Vikki x


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i have so many questions as well...more about whether you have gone to social services for emergency housing, or have a friend to stay with; not too familiar with social services in Canada, but from what l know of US entitlements, l do know there is emergency care...please PM me if you want to brain (not intending to flatter myself) storm about this...wishing you all the best, Jackie
I haven;t been working recently and I do not get a long with my stepmother. My stepmother convinced my dad to kick me out. She says that it is the only way for me to get my life started... which is crap.


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whatever her reasons, its seems kicking a person when s/he is down does not sound like a compassionate support strategy...please look into what options there are for you, and once you have the information, approach your dad with a timeline that is more suitable...sorry again that you are being treated this way...big hugs


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Why do people always think this is the answer?????
My father and missing husband suggested just the same with my son, as if kicking him out would solve all his problems.:mad:

There must be help out there Chameleon, phone social services or the Samaritans are always good.
Well. It has been awhile. I am living on my own now, and enrolled in the navy. I start in the new year. Still depressed, but I am hoping my new career will provide a much needed boost to my happiness level. Thank you all for your support.


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Hi there,

Thanks for checking back in with us and letting us know how you're doing.. Sorry to hear that you're still struggling with depression.. I hope that joining the navy does help. Please do look after yourself though and reach out for help if you need it.. and remember we're here anytime should you need to talk too

Jenny x
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