Mistaken birth, timely death

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by FatherTime, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. FatherTime

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    I don't know you guys, but I need to rant. sorry in advance.

    I was never supposed to be, twas a mistake at that. A young mother, abusive father.

    Now, 25 years later I've realized that I really shouldn't be alive, everything I touch, breaks. Everything I'm involved with goes to shit. People who get too close, end up with nothing and hurt in some way or another.

    I'm tired of living, every day is horrible. Never a joy to be seen or heard.

    I can't smile, not because I dont want to, but because there really is nothing to smile about. They say I should be happy because I'm alive ... is that really such a great gift when your existence is nothing but misery, loneliness and stress?

    Mom, i forgive you. Dad, rot in hell.

    As for me, we shall see.
  2. shamps

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    I am sorry to hear you are in so much pain and welcome to SF.You will find a lot of supportive people here.

    Rant away....we are all here to listen and we do not judge.Quite a few people on here feel similar things to what you are feeling.Please do not resort to hurting yourself though.Stay and chat,if you need to you can pm me and talk that way.

    I am sure you are not any of the negative things you think you are,you sound incredibly intelligent and in need of support.You can get through this.

  3. Forgotten_Man

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    I was a birth that was never supposed to be. My mom always talks about how she got knocked up with me 9 months before she wanted to get her tubes tied. Not to mention I know she was planning on using me to get my dad to marry her. That plan failed, so I stole her life from her.

    I try to say this :poo:

    As long as you come to SF you will find life is that much more bearable. Please do not give up. When others give up, it makes me want to give up.