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    These are the things as of late that hve been buggnig me about my family. Now mind you i can say what i want about my family..b/c after all they are my family..but other people cannot talk trash about my family.

    Shaun(28 year old brother)-

    1. I don't know the last time he gave Dylan a bath. Dylan is my nephew, he's 7 years old, he should get a bath every night but he doesn't. I don't know the last time he was washed(thats vile and disgusting) I do NOT want my nephew at 7 going to school smelling like the nasty wasteland of my brother's bedroom. His room smells like crap. I literally think that it was over a week. I gave dylan a bath last's now monday again..couldn't tell you if he had one since then. I just gave him a nice good scrub down, i guess it's back to the same shit of me having to do every god damn thing for Dylan...nothing new :mad: :unsure:

    2. Dylan's teeth are in rough shape. His new teeth that are coming in are absolutely excellent but my brother doesnt give a shit and i have to remind dylan to brush his teeth every night. It's vile, this poor kid would go to school with dirty hair, dirty teeth, and dirty clothes on if I didn't wash him, brush them and clean them. The routine is getting old..when will my brother grow the fuck up.

    3. He smokes around his son, constantly. Dylan will fall asleep in his fathers bed and Shaun will light up cigarette after cigarette in an enclosed room(mind you my dad has told him numerous times not to smoke in there). Do you want your son to get second hand smoke, get lung cancer adn possibly die? Do you not love him enough to take your fat ass downstairs and outside to smoke?? Cleary he does not because if he did he'd have half the decency not to blow lung cancer down Dylan's throat.

    4.I hate that he does nothing for Dylan yet proclaims to be this great ass father..BULLSHIT. A homeless guy with a child could do a better job. My father provides the roof over his head and clothes on his back..and i provide food and clothes on his back..Shaun..well Shaun was a feckin sperm donor. Alot of good that least I know Dylan is well taken care of and smart as a whip because of my father and I(even if he is a 7 year old punk sometimes) :rolleyes:

    My Father(whom I love dearly regardless)

    1. 54 years old and has the weight of the world on his shoulders. I have three brothers and a nephew that live with us. My father pays for everything(electricity, water, etc.). I have offered to help with what little money I have but he never seems to want it. My issue with my father is he treats me like I'm 12 when I'm 27. I know it's because I'm his only daughter but it's to the point where it's pushing me closer to the edge, which he doesn't see.

    2. He won't acknowledge the pain, the hurt, the scars, the crying fits, the poetry which is so dark. He won't see that I'm not okay. I can write him a letter, tell him to his face, but he does NOT want to admit that there is something wrong with his baby girl(though I'm not a baby anymore). He doesn't want to see the damage my mother inflicted. He never saw what she did or heard what she did b/c she did it when he wasn't around.

    3. I bend over backwards for him, i do what's needed and than he gets pissed when i forget to one little thing. I love him dearly, he has basically been my saving grace through alot of my life. I know that he has issues of his own, that he's been struggling himself lately..but i feel like don't always take it out on me.

    ANyways rant over....sorry so long
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    :hug: Kelly.
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    Thanks Jess appreciate it :hug: back
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    here if u wanna talk x

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    Always here for ya, Kells.

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    Thank you very much everyone I really do appreciate it. I just needed to get the stuff off about my brother father is just really overprotective b/c im his only girl...but my brother is just a dick :)