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Love it!! Especially the strong Swedish coffee* my daughter's in-laws gave me... yum yum, delicious and gives me motivation to do things... sometimes...:rolleyes: Been drinking the stuff since my first job as a teen on night shift.


*ZOEGAs Skanerost Brygg - heaven in a mug!:smile:


:coffee: Coffee is the only way the get me into work, if they took the coffie away I am not sure I would be able to muster the will power to make it in, that and what better then a good cup of coffee and a smoke in the morning
I have never liked coffee, which is strange because I am the only noncoffee drinker in my family or extended family. Caffeine though, oh yeah!!!


Don't try it unless you want to get addicted to the stuff. Of course my mind still puzzles how someone can go trough the day without at least one cup of France vanilla coffee.
Actually I hate coffee too...I meant to add this to my previous post but forgot all about it...Apparently eating an apple in the morning will keep you awake better than a cup of coffee will!!!
Just thought I'd share yet another piece of my random trivia with you :tongue:
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