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Self harm can manifest itself in many ways.
Its just not about physical acts, its about mental ones too.
I for one, am so so guilty of this.
Sometimes i don't care for myself properly, be it eating well, taking time out and doing something i enjoy or even accepting i don't always get it right.
The forum has given me something i never realised i had, it has given me a realisation, that its only me holding myself back.
I still have concerns about the future, be it financial, companionship or dealing with my past and some of the loss incured.
Sometimes when i look at the posts here, it pains me to see the anguish that is taken from what are really only everyday problems.
Of course we are all affected in different ways and to different degrees, however i wish people sometimes could see how really lucky we all really are.
We all have warmth, computer access and probably food, many have people in real life who might seem uncaring at times, but perhaps hopefully there is still a lasting love there all the same.
So, my question is.......................... How do you all feel knowing there is always someone worse off than ourselves?
Of course charity begins at home....................i understand that only too well.


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when i see someone worse off than me i think how strong they are and i admire them for it
i know there are people who are worse off than me but i dont feel as strong as them
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