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    Anyone else on an MOAI?

    I'm on day 10 of Tranylcypromine (10+10mg) and am really struggling with intrusive suicidal thoughts. I'm hanging in there but not by much, I think. I think it's a "dip" because of having to have two weeks off meds before the change and the new med isn't doing much yet. But I felt some improvement after about a week and MOAIs are meant to be a bit quicker then most anti-depressants. So, I'd really appreciate any other's experience.

    Also your experience with food interactions would be useful.
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    Your probably right hun the dip with coming off thengoing on somethng different would affect your moods Let your doctor know okay about these thoughts because sometimes this happens starting a new med hugs
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    Thanks, still struggling but maybe letting up a bit.
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    Seven weeks in and a lot better. Mood is "neutral" which is fantastic.
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    Re: MAOIs

    I was on an MAOI and it drove my blood pressure up and limited everything I could eat so I got off of it pretty fast. The pshrink that prescribed it said I had a 50-50 chance of depression coming back. I think I was only on it 6 months or less. It got rid of anxiety very well. I'm on 2 tricyclics now. I was OK for years after going off the MAOI until life's circumstances threw me over the edge again. My blood pressure stayed up permanently after being on the MAOI. Had to be REALLY careful with food interactions like aged cheese, processed meats,fava beans,fish, soups, yeast and wine. Read up on the food part as much as you can and try to avoid foods in restaurants you think might have the no-no ingredients with MAOIs. All antidepressants can take up to 4-6 wks. to begin working. Sometimes people have to be hospitalized when they switch antidepressants or go off them.
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    Re: MAOIs

    Thanks so much for your reply. Sounds like our experience with food is similar. Mostly, the MAOI has lowered my blood pressure but it goes sky high if you eat the wrong thing. Restaurants are a particular problem because it's hard to explain to a waiter what I can't eat. I'm starting to avoid eating out which is a bit sad. BUT after a few months now, it really looks like it's working for me (if been on twelve other AD medications without much help) so I'm willing to live with the food restrictions. If you look around the internet there are some things that everyone agrees on (like aged cheese) but others that only some people's list (like peanuts, pineapple, licorice and raspberries). So far, I'm taking a conservative approach but I'd like to start experimenting a little to see what really matters. For example, did you have any trouble with peanut butter? Were any cheeses other than cream and cottage cheese OK for you?

    Did they give you any advice about when to seek medical help if you get a high blood pressure event? I have a blood pressure monitor but I'm not sure when I should worry. My reading suggested systolic over 180 or diastolic over 120. I had 190+/110+ (pulse 44) and wend to emergency but the doctor there said it wasn't really a problem so I'm confused.