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    who are you to tell me what i feel is wrong? what i believe is wrong? you were there, you know what happened, and more to the point, you know how badly it has affected me. it doesnt matter how many people tell me that i am basically imagining things to me it was real and it always will be. i dont appreciate having it brushed off when i try to talk about it. by the way, you might like to know that what i told you earlier is the main reason i feel like killing myself at the moment, because i cant bear to do that thing. and what do i get when i try to talk to you about it...a sigh and then you change the subject. thanks for that. sometimes you know things about yourself before anyone else does, and that it was happened. i dont even care that you dont believe me anymore, i would just like to feel like im listened to.
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    Dunno what to say darling. Am here if you wanna talk :hug:
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    am always here to listen hugs to u sam
    love sarahg