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Mobile chat Poll

Does mobile chat work well for you ?

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    Votes: 7 41.2%
  • I do not use mobile chat by choice orNot applicable

    Votes: 4 23.5%
  • sometimes does sometimes not, is hit or miss (not depending on wifi or phone signal)

    Votes: 3 17.6%
  • Mobile chat has an issue for me thta makes it difficult to use (share details please in thread)

    Votes: 3 17.6%
  • Mobile chat does not work at all for me. I cannot use it even though want to (details in thread)

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There are a couple of issues that have been reported intermittently and we are trying to figure out both the cause /when they happen /what devices or browsers are an issue and what is th efix to it for peopel that do not have the issue or that had it and corrected the issues.

1. The touchscreen keyboard on mobile device is displayed over the area being typed in so it is impossible to see what you are typing until after doesn't typing or have hit sent

2/ Screens "roll" or "scroll" to a different spot when trying to go back up to read previous messages (even when other person is not typing- if person sends new message it is always going to jump down).

3/ There have been reports of missing messages in chat - I believe these are universally caused by mutiple chats open, in different windows/different devices as all reports seem to get settled if carefully log out of all places and then start again but if is still an issue let us know.

4. Any other issues?

If you are having tech issues with mobile chat like these mentioned or others please describe as best possible, include a screen shot if able, and most importantly as much information as you can share on what device you are using(iPhone 6, iPad mini, Samsung galaxy 7, Samsung tablet, etc, what browser (safari, chrome, etc) and if possible what version of browser and what update on the phone for those that are aware how to go into settings to tell.

If you have no problems at all using, please also let us know what device and what browser if you do not mind sharing. I am hoping with enough data we can either recreate issues so we can solve them (it is nearly impossible to solve issues we cannot recreate on our own) and by knowing what ones do not have an issue it may give us an idea on how to get to an easy fix for people with issues.

Thanks so much for sharing whatever information you can/are willing. We do not extract any information from cookies or retain any information like most sites do because we do not feel it is right to do so without asking specifically- so that leaves us with asking as the only way to get the information we need to correct issues and depending on your voluntary cooperation. I will add first issue as an example..


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Iphone 7 , safari. IOS 11.1.2

touch keypad overlays message area so cannot see what I am typing when chatting
keyboard over display area and cant see type.jpg


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My issues is number 2 as I have said previously but however if it happens the person's is online and typing if i scroll up it will not jump down to the bottom of the conversation if they type something new once it jumps to the middle of the conversation no matter how much i scroll it just jumps back again. To fix it I must exit the page and reload. It makes it difficult but i still use it and will continue to. It can be quiet difficult if i am offline and someone has left a few things for me as I can't scroll to the correct spot to to read it all.

I am so thankful to have SF and all it is able to provide for me and other, this is just honest feedback sorry if it come across as no appreciative.


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I am so thankful to have SF and all it is able to provide for me and other, this is just honest feedback sorry if it come across as no appreciative.
I am looking for the feedback so we can figure out solutions to try to make it better for all and more helpful for all- thanks for assisting us in doing that.


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I have problems #1 and 2. Also sometimes I am unable to get into the chat room at all. Even when i log out, close window to SF completely and come back. Today again, I was unable to get into chat at all. But then closed everyting again and logged out and was able to, after doing this a couple of times. But I have had multiple problems, not just here because I have an old browser and unable to update on my phone.

@Acy did u send me a private msg by chat? Just wondering because it said u did, but I was unable to see it, even when I opened it up. So I am wondering if I have problem #3??

I have a Coolpad rogue and using an old version of chrome. I am not sure which version tho, sorry.


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Hi @Acy Thank u for answering my question. I thought u had sent me msg there but apparently u didn't. I just wanted to make sure.


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Look more like iphone keyboard issue .. the last "autoFill" bar is not detected by the browser I guess..also the text looks too big ..making me wonder if you are some kind of accessibility option
Good point- I never thought about that most simple explanation - I need stuff turned up big for old eyes...


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Forgot about this...
Samsung Galaxy 5, google

My issues are no. 2 & 3.
I never use mobile in the chat rooms as it's impossible to keep up! I go onto my pc for that.
I try to clear old PM conversations incase that is causing an issue.

Just a side note: I clear all of my search history on my phone several times a day. This also includes SF. This may not matter but it's something I just do.
(Can't check logs/chat reports but I don't think Admin can even do that on a phone)

Also, I've got a Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge that's been sitting here for the last 6 months! Once I get that up and running, I'll let you know if anything changes.
My old phone, no problem at all. New phone the keyboard covers chat. Old phone is a Motorola Moto G (1st gen), New phone is ZTE (?) through AT&T. Both using Opera Mini Browser. Gotta be somewhere in the phone display settings. View attachment 4802 I had just typed the word "changes" then took that screenshot.

If I hit the phone's back button, it takes out the keyboard and I can see what's been written.

Gotta love technology.


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I actually fixed the issue with keyboard over writing by turn off accessibility options for larger screen size

On @A guy with feelings it looks like can see until fill up block on yours - will be a limit to amount can type without scroll up manually based on screen only so big...
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