Mocking me

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  1. Krem

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    Oh, of course. After weeks of nothingness, after weeks of ignoring and avoidance, you sit in front of me, laughing, having fun, knowing that I see and hear you, knowing full well that I'm miserable. Slithering, slimy serpents, I call you. You pretend not to know that I'm there, but we all know you do. It's clear that I was a huge part of your life, possibly as much as you were of mine, from your actions, eh? Oh, you say that nothing has changed? That you continue as if nothing happened? Lovely. "Yaaay I'm happy! You're happy! We're happy! Let's be happy in front of the grumpy fat fool who didn't return out greeting one day! We don't need to pretend to care anymore! Psst, I actually removed him from my contact-list ;D".

    I'd tell you to die in a fire, but I pretend to be more mature than that.

  2. shamps

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    I dont pretend to know what your post is in reference to but you are clearly upset so just wanted to give some :hug: