Moderate Caffeine consumption?

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by NavyAirman, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. NavyAirman

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    I've found that consumption of caffeine has reduced my depression a great deal. Does anyone else feel the same way? Everyones input is extremely valuable to me.
  2. Style

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    it gives a nice euphoric feeling that lasts temporarily, but I don't feel it's helped any with my depression. It is great for productivity though.
  3. Terry

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    Chocolate...has known endorphic properties :laugh:
  4. twilight

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    I drink lots of pop everyday so I must be consuming a lot of caffeine. I don't think it has affected my depression though. Exercising sometimes helps me feel a little less depressed for a short time. And it's the only thing I can think of.
  5. TLA

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    "The research says" that too much caffeine is bad. Not sure if research is good at times. lol I must have my 4 cups everyday. :coffee: For enjoyment and productivity it does help. I do not feel it has much of an impact on the depression I experience.

    In moderation I think it is good, but if 10 cups cause you to start shaking...
    do cut back or evaluate. Personally, I like my caffeine. I have also read that eating an apple will wake you up in the morning without the letdown.

    One of my meds causes me to crave sweets, after dinner I raid the mini-butterfinger or snickers bar. I had to give up the ice cream when I would eat all of the pint. I am slowly gaining back weight that I previously lost.
    It takes willpower.
  6. theleastofthese

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    I have to have my two cups of coffee in the am or I am in a stupor til noon.:blink: The best thing for depression, I've found, short of good meds, is exercise, fresh air, and sunshine!!:smile: I feel better after taking my dog for a walk. It's good for both of us... just wish I had the energy after working all day to do that...:sad: ...more often, anyway...

    Everything in moderation, at least for me, seems to work best. Not too much or too little of anything. ...tho lately I'm finding that a glass of good dry wine after I get home keeps me from yelling at my kids too much - a bit of relaxation of the day's tension and fatigue.:rolleyes:


    tea is also a good way to get a small dose of caffeine and it has antioxidants in it too...
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  7. kindtosnails

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    sunshine.. :blink: whats that when its at home? or when its in england lol. agree though...excercise and getting outside really does help. caffeine just makes me shake like mad and get irritable personally :unsure:
  8. NavyAirman

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    The good answer to fight depression seems to be exercise. Thanks everyone, good information here!
  9. Tatara

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    I used to drink about 3-6 cups of coffee daily. The cream is super calorie intensive and I gained alot of weight doing so. +1 reason to be depressed ^^;

    I started to have anxiety attacks when I started Welbutrin (The only pill that helped my depression with no negative side effects was giving me anxiety!! eeeek!) It was suggested that I quit my consumption of caffiene, when I heard that I pretty much answered the same as most people do when they think about going without their morning coffee "But I *need* it!". The anxiety was so bad that it gave me a kickstart though, there was no way you were getting me off Welbutrin so I had to try quitting caffiene. I switched to decaf coffee, decaf tea, no chocolate whatsoever (*whines pitifully*) and no caffienated pop (I drink diet 7up instead). I went on a diet that pretty much told me those things were out anyway so I hit two birds with one stone.

    I was tired and sluggish without it for the first little while but since I stopped the caffiene I actually feel 10 times better then I used to (and much more energetic, I wake up so much faster in the morning now).

    As a bonus I also learned that when I used to say "I can't do it" I was wrong, cause I did it. Now whenever I say "I can't do it" I think twice about exactly how much I can't and how much I just don't want to.

    Quitting caffiene consumption fixed my anxiety altogether. So basicly I think I brought on my own anxiety by having so much of it without even realizing I did. I think we get so used to fixing our problems with pills these days that we don't see these natural ways that we can solve some of our problems, at least thats definately how it was for me. I went to the doctor and basicly said "I need an anti-anxiety pill". I was outraged when he didn't give me any, but now I am kinda glad that he didn't. I'm not saying everyones anxiety can be fixed this way, of course not that would be silly to think! But I think caffiene makes a huge impact and can heighten it alot more then you'd think.

    Depression and Anxiety are buddies when it comes to hanging out together in people with one or the other, but sometimes they are present without the other, I am only talking about my Anxiety and you asked about depression so my little story might not help your question much but I thought that I would add my 2 cents in anyway. I think that people with Depression and no anxiety may benefit from moderate caffiene consumption but it does work in spurts so those of us who preffer the consistancy rather then ups n downs may need to find a more permenant solution.