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Since I have to be passed through your 'all knowing' hands, Moderator, you are assuming the responsibility of life or death for many people. We all know that a serious suicidal person isn't going to make it to 20 posts. What do you say to them? Do you send them to a special place to talk to special people? If this were really for people to open up and talk to others when they need help, they wouldn't be your little play thing for 20 posts. So, how many moderators are there? Do you really have time to answer them all or is it just an automated thing? Because that may be worse- for someone to be ignored for 20 posts when they come here for sharing, feeling invisible, looking for community, if an albeit deluded one, and finding silence again. Something they've known all their lives. Do you get scared when you only get one post from a suicidal, or do you scratch a mark on your score?
most of the mods here seem pretty nice to me, but I'm sorry if you've had a bad experience.

do you want to talk more about what happened?



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Fryla, I don't quite know what your bugbare is, however, the members, mods and admins are very caring and compassionate people. It is not only the mods or admins that can answer questions, members can too. There is nothing automated about this site. Members talk from their own experiences. People come to this site for many different reasons. However, nobody is ignored and everybody is taken seriously. We here can only help and advise people so far. Ultimately it is up to the person themselves to seek the help that they need, if they need it. You have to remember that this site isn't a service. It was created by volunteers to give those in desperation a place to vent their feelings and frustrations and seek support. There are no doctors, nurses etc able to make assessments of people on here. It is run by many compassionate people, full with compassionate members. Nothing is too much effort for people here and you have to remember that many of the mods and admins are suffering feom mental illness themselves. As much as I wish we could, we can't magically take away someones pain and unfortunately we cannot save everyone. But we can offer them support and a place to come should they need to.

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Moderators like myself are struggling as well with mental illness,
We do not have all the answers as this forum is a peer forum where we try to help each other out throught the darkest times.
I am sorry if you felt neglected but sometimes the mods as you call them get ill too and have to go in hospital for help
We just try our best to help that is all everyone here does is try to help we do not scratch anyone off i feel very very sad when our efforts fail as do the rest of the members hugs to you:hugtackles:


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This person account has been removed no. Maybe this thread should be too :(

In anycase. The people who run sf do their best, and they really do a good job at it. They're just people, not machines or saints. Just like you, just like me. Well Ok, maybe not exactly like you or like me, but they're doing their best, on a daily basis. For free, using their time to help. It might not be the best or enough in the grand scheme of things for everyone, but damn, if this place wasn't here?

It's always getting better. Today is tomorrows foundation, and so far they've been keeping the standards leveled and equal. We can't as individuals expect the moderators and admins(who are people again) to give all that they have. What they give, is what they can. I donno what else to say. Im sorry you're hurting. I wish I could help, but I cant even hold my head up anymore. But I hope you keep posting under another account if not this one if it is rejuvenated.

As this member is not here looking for support or offering to give it, I am closing this thread. thanks to all of you for trying to help them.
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