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  1. Xaos

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  2. Freya

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    The use of "modern feminists" here is insulting and ridiculous. Modern feminism hasn't a thing to do with being fit or not being fit. Feminism is believing in equal rights for both sexes. That includes the rights of men to be stay at home dads and express their emotions and enter caring professions etc as well as the rights of women to expect equal pay for equal work and to not face the basic every day sexism that things like this advert promote.

    Are they also showing pictures of men with ripped six packs stating that only this physique is acceptable on a beach? No they are not.

    Furthermore, protein powder shakes instead of a balanced healthy diet? They are not about promoting health and fitness at all, they are about making money from people's insecurities and the campaign against them is nothing to do with "modern feminism" and everything to do with calling out companies for building into people's insecurities with airbrushed imagery that is absolutely unattainable WITHOUT the use of imaging technology.

    This picture of this woman is not inspiring and is not motivational. 100% of women could NEVER look like this even with the best diet and fitness regime in the world because it is airbrushed to perfection.

    People are not perfect. This campaign isn't about feminism it is about media dictation of what makes a person acceptable.
  3. Deleted SKU

    Deleted SKU Well-Known Member

    As much as I dislike modern feminism (and a lot of feminist theory), and the damage it has done, and continues to do, in society today... I'm not really seeing the connection here, beyond the awful and criminal (claimed) behaviour of a few feminists sending death threats to the company. The ad was taken down for it's misleading and damaging claims. And as much as people may, within legal boundaries, be free to publish certain images, people are also as free to object to them... again, as long as they do so in a reasonable manner (such as the online petition and protest mentioned in the article). The only people who come off badly in cases like this are the sort of people throwing around childish insults... which from the look of the article, were quite a few people on both sides of the argument.
  4. justMe7

    justMe7 Well-Known Member

    It'd be fine if it had a fit man and a women for a gym with the same slogan imo.

    What the real problem is, is fast deceptive lies that play on peoples hopes, or insecurities. Anything that goes beyond true dedicated working out and a healthy diet is something to be severely monitored. Diet pills, or anything that's easy to do, fast acting and causes you to look Super fit, is a lie. And it should be aggressively halted. The main problem is allowing the installment of one of these. It opens a gateway for more affiliated products using the same tactic that you can look great if you just take these pills.

    This may be more emphasized because of women, but I'd still see it as a problem if it were a guy in the picture instead of a women.

    But beach season in approaching! I dont see a problem with saying gtf into a workout and make yourself feel and look good :D Just not with pills...
  5. Prinnctopher's Belt

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    I laugh at these ads. Everybody knows whats sexually attractive to the most people makes more money.

    Nobody cares about being healthy; its all about being skinny, even if you have to eat tapeworms and erode away all your front teeth by compulsive vomiting to do it. :thumb:

    Put up a woman about a size 10 who can run a mile without dying, versus a size 0 who's lethargic and lives on Chef Boyardee. It's clear who's healthier, but being skinny will take the cake merely because its seen as (lol) sexually attractive in some kind of way. So be honest. You hate fat. There's nothing wrong with having your own preference. Just dont disguise it as being more concerned with cholesterol and blood pressure levels than you are with merely how someone looks.
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  6. Prinnctopher's Belt

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    And this has nothing to do with feminism. It's just plain old sexuality and self image issues being exploited to sell - surprise! - diet products that don't work.
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  7. JmpMster

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    Perhaps if the model picture had kept her insecurities to herself as opposed to the obvious malnutrition and and breast implants? I am unsure the breast implants have anything to do with healthy but rather everything to do with insecurity. Any one that aspire to that look and is willing to do those things to their body in an attempt to feel satisfied with themselves has far more insecurities than any of the comments here so I really an unsure how you correlate feeling insecure to speaking out against a campaign that has the sole purpose of instilling insecurities (in both women and men to be honest) and promoting the idea that less than perfection is unsuitable to go to the beach?

    Whish is insecure in your mind- a person happy and satisfied with their appearance or one that does surgical alterations and intentionally starves in an attempt to "to look good enough" and even then is shown "not yet good enough" by the ordered photo shopping to further enhance it?

    I have seen a lot of very healthy gym rat women as well - none looked like that so if they have managed to fool you into believe that is healthy then I am truly sorry for how gullible.....

    and (serious question) exactly what good thing is it the company or the model has done or is "inspiring" others to do?
  8. justMe7

    justMe7 Well-Known Member

    No offense but some women do look like this... you guys are quite defensive to body imagery :S Should healthy good looking humans shun themselves from ads?

    Course they put her up there. Sex sales, and she embodies that.. ya'll are talkin alot of bullshit sorry. Maybe you should check out some chicks at yoga classes or something to get a broader view of what some women/men look like who have exceptionally beautiful bodies. Why the hate for the picture? Evidently she's a anorexic, surgery obsessed ***** right?

    mmmhmm Veering a bit onto the otherside of the spectrum here people. But hey..jmo
  9. Prinnctopher's Belt

    Prinnctopher's Belt Antiquities Friend SF Supporter

    I dont think the model looks "exceptionally beautiful" whatsoever - emaciated and animated actually. But then again it is subjective and I'm not a man. However, this, especially this, and this and this are exceptionally beautiful body types in my eyes, not ribs protruding through flesh, which is not a sign of health, imo.

    But Im not knocking on how the model looks. Just the premise that her type is the most desireable, thus every other type is less attractive. I do think that's false, but Im not a man. This ad is aimed at women.

    The body in the second link I posted is Va-va-VOOM! Thats more motivating to do squats and push-ups than that boney, technically manipulated figure in the ad. Thats ideal for me. Not boney.
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  10. Butterfly

    Butterfly Sim Addict Staff Alumni SF Author SF Supporter

    Maybe the model in the photo does eat healthily and exercise, but is just naturally skinny, like many women are and saved up money from her modelling work to get breast implants because she has naturally smaller breasts. They don't look out of proportion to her body. Whatever women do they get bashed. Too fat, get bashed. Too skinny, get bashed. Too curvy, get bashed. Too muscular, get bashed. When will people learn to leave women be and just let them be happy in their own skin?
  11. Deleted SKU

    Deleted SKU Well-Known Member

    The problem is, is that it's never really about the person depicted (in this case a woman, but men get exactly the same treatment)... it's about a particular mindset of certain groups on both side, thinking that it's acceptable to dictate how a person should or shouldn't be. It's odd that both sides who tend to get involved in this sort of furore, actually have pretty much exactly the same mindset, that everyone should adhere to what they consider acceptable. There's so much hypocrisy in both traditionalism and feminism, with the need to create persecution and a victimized mindset ... where in the end, as long as you're in reasonable health, and comfortable with who you are, that should be all that ever matters.
  12. Cicada 3301

    Cicada 3301 Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Pretty much
  13. justMe7

    justMe7 Well-Known Member

    For sure. I personally like women who have ability rather than a skeletal frame.I think all those women are hot as fuck :) You said it perfectly, it's subjective in the end. I wish people would realize this...

    But the reality is not so much the acceptance of a health body, but the demographic they are trying to reach. So for an exercising community that brings in predominantly attractive, fit people, they will use what is considered the "fit" type for their demographic. If it's a beach base community, you are going to get beach bodies. If it's one based around some athletic training, you are going to get more refined disciplines and body shapes. Like if it's revolving around UFC training, their advertisements will revolve around athletes/models of that caliber. Or bodybuilding competitions, their advertisements will revolve around that. Or if it's a local gym.. well they might just have more average people in their advertisements to relate to the general community. If it's some posh top notch gym, they might have a range.
    (this isn't directed at you, just in general.. I ramble) We all get how advertisements work. But I think some people fail to realize how much work actually goes into make your body look like that model. It's a massive discipline, that has to maintained regularly.

    The big issue about that Ad is the demographic they are targeting. This isn't about feminism. It is targeting people who just don't(currently) have the discipline to reach that body level and Ad is taking advantage of this by making them believe they can cut corners. So in fact the ad itself is predatory because it is bypassing the daily disciplines and work needed to achieve that. And who are these sorts of people?

    Generally people too busy. Or people whose energy/commitment levels fluxuate. Or who feel they can only dream of achieving that level of body shape. People who feel their bodies arent perfect and are willing to escalate things to achieve what they think they need to be. It's dangerous, because there are no short cuts for a health body. And may I add.. just be you and make yourself healthy. You don't need to look like someone else. You just need to be healthy. It's not easy, but it's worth it. The moment you realize you are beautiful, the more you'll realize all these "desired" shapes are bullshit. They're decent targets, if they respect the body properly. But like many have already suggested, there is a dangerous lure for cutting to achieve a form that is infact more cosmetic rather than physically fit. Vanity...

    but I mean. For those who think it's easy to get that body form? Yah idk about that. Take a look at these.. these people dedicate a huge portion of the lives to defining their bodies. It's not easy in the slightest. Some women look like twigs aswell.. and they really arnt. But um, yeah.. those body forms are not fiction. So idk why people here are suggesting that they are.
  14. Xaos

    Xaos Well-Known Member

    I haven't read any responses to this yet, but I thought about what I said in my original post, and I think that I was way too harsh there, everyone has their insecurities, I just think they handled them the wrong way, I was OTT, I feel like an idiot...
  15. Underground

    Underground Well-Known Member

    Agreed, for the most part.

    Let's just say I'm currently the complete opposite to the "ideal body" of women (aka fat), and I absolutely hate it and how some segments of society think I'm subhuman because of it, but I have to say I hate "reverse bodyshaming" too, or backhanded slams against women who are skinny or slim, and the men that are attracted to them, in the style of cheesy mottos like "real men prefer curves not bones" or w/e bullshit some of these people come out with.

    Some women are naturally like that through genetics/physical activity and they're completely healthy, they're not anorexic or emaciated. When I was a child and young teen, I was very skinny, ribcage visible etc. and some people used to wonder if my parents were starving me, yet I used to eat like a horse, I was just very active/sporty.

    My issue with this campaign is that it's actually not promoting a healthy lifestyle, i.e. diet and exercise, it's pushing a snake oil product for profit that is probably unhealthy, and the focus on women's bodies. If it equally focused on both sexes (showing toned women and muscular men with six pack abs), I think there'd be less complaints, but I've noticed most of these campaigns focus on women, the message is clearly "if you're a woman you must look good, but it's OK for men to look like a big sack of potatoes" (even though it's physiologically a lot easier for men to lose fat than women due to body composition and metabolism/hormonal differences).
  16. johnnysays

    johnnysays Well-Known Member

    Problem with your pictures is even though you're right and those're very sexy pictures, all you did was move the favored body type from skinny to average or overweight even. I think that's actually closer to the truth, but it's still very hard for woman to reach. The one thing which is common between all of the images--whether they're of curvy woman or skinny woman--is they're ALL super beautiful!!!! So whether the hips are wide or not or there's shoulder fat or not or whatever, it's very hard for woman to attain a perfect body and a perfect face.

    Personally I think at least 75% of men prefer woman who're between skinny and obese, but because of life they will go for other body types. It's also easiest for woman to attain this body weight. HOWEVER, it's hard to have a toned body--with no flaws---and be beautiful too. As well, not all woman have the perfect balance of fat.

    Bottom line, it doesn't matter what the favored body is, as long as it's rare it'll always cause trouble.

    Most men don't really care though about perfection. Most woman looks great if they just stay active, skinny or overweight. Men might care about looks when they're young, but like woman they outgrow it somewhat. What's more improtant than appearnace is the person inside. Are they balanced? Are they strong?

    Being strong inside, being independent, being able to battle this life, is soooo important.

    EDIT: By "being active" what I mean is a person is working AT LEAST part-time and walking daily maybe 10000+ steps. Getting 10000+ steps is hard to do if you spend a lot of time indoors or don't have a job or responsibilities.

    When you're active, other people know not just because of your loooks but your behaviour.
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