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  1. think modernity is one of the main reasons why i'm feeling lost and
    powerless. bourgeouis society is degrading to me. our every waking
    moment is dedicated to mindless consumerism and enrichment through
    materialism. my generation have no worthy cause to fight for, no
    vision or purpose. we foolishly buy into the notion of our society as
    a utopia while arrogantly exporting the virus to the rest of the
    world. our society is phony. everybody pretends to be satisfied with
    their own mundane existence while secretly feeling nothing but
    what we need is the creation of a new man, who will reject materialism
    and devote his life to fighting corruption and evil . that's what
    tyler durden was trying to do before that bastard narrator killed him.

    i don't mean to sound pretentious, this is just the way i see it.
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    sadly they'd probably get incarcerated for terrirrrism..

    i don't agree with your 'we' stuff though but i hope it helped you- letting it out here.