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Molestered as a child< Triggering >

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My name is charlotte scott when i was 8 years old my father locked me in my room. he told me that everything would be ok when....... he throught me to the bed then he locked the door... i tryed to run but there was no where to go... he tyed my hands to the bed i screamed for my mother but she was out shopping... he put his hand over my mouth and he ripped my cloths of and proceeded to rape me... It was horrible.. the idea of your own father raping you..... about 10 years latter he had a car accident and i didnt go to his funeral... i feel alone and need someone to talk too.
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Re: Molestered as a child

That is truly awful Charlotte but you are not alone, you can talk to us. Did you get help for what happened?


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Re: Molestered as a child

Sorry I only saw this thread now, just want to say if you need someone to talk to , you're most welcome to private message me, much love xox


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Re: Molestered as a child

before someone replies to charlotte, do yourself a favour and read all 6 postings and be your own judge
yup... agree with this ^

i have trouble believing the story(ies). btw, october 13th, 2001 was a saturday, not a friday. at the risk of being insensitive, to me it sounds like something(s) that was made up
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