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    I have been hurting so much lately that i cant even put it into words, i feel one hot tear begin to fall down my face and i instantly force the rest back down. as i try to write this im trying to hold back the flood gates, trying to stay in control. Things have been getting worse, all i have to do is look at a picture of mom or look at something that she loved so much and it all comes back, all the pain and agony. Everything is crashing down around me, and i just stand in the middle of everything watching my dreams fade away. Every part of me just wants to run away from it all but i kno ill never get away, things were supposed to get easier. i was constantly being told that but there is no improvement, its only gotten worse....
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    I am so sorry for your loss. your slide show and the song is so touching...I hope you heal quickly as will never forget, but do try to live the life your Mom would have wanted you to...big hugs, J
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    I'm sorry HOS....grief is so hard I know but I'm sure your Mum would want you to live a full life....
    I don't know if I asked you before but are you having grief therapy?
    Do you have things to do to fill in the hours?
    take care and be gentle with yourself...
    that picture is lovely and the song so sad...thanks for sharing it..*hug*
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    u have asked before and no i am not having any therapy. I did in the very beginning and it was not helpful. I things to do during the day and nite are dwindling down to nothing. I went to see my baby boy (horse) today and even being with him did not bring me any comfort.