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    as i wrote on welcome forum
    \i lost my mom almost 4 months ago
    she was so great tho we had a fight all most everyday
    im adopted from brazil and she was there all by herself fighiting to adopted me
    she waited there for 4 months untill she could take me in a leagal way
    and now shes gone because of cancer she had it from the end of 2005
    she was a strong woman and a wonderful one
    everytime i talk about her my feelings just come out or when i see movies that i watched with her or movies like homealone when the stupid mom always forget her kid.. but other than that she loved him and do anything to be beside him again.
    not long ago id say a month that i cried so much that my face gone numb blood started coming out of my nose like a broken pipe and i end up in hospital
    :love:MOM! i miss her so much wish she could come back

    thanks for reading hope im not much of a trouble

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    Please understand, this is no trouble for us. We are here to support you. I am currently taking care of my mother who could pass away any day, or it could be a long and drawn out situation.

    So, I have formed a very tight bond with her and I know what you must be going through (also lost my dad several years back). There are many of us here that can relate. So please continue to post and if you want, I'm available if you wish to send a private message.

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    Sorry to hear your about your mom. :hug:
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    I'm sorry :hug:
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    in am very sorry for the loss of your mom. I know you miss her so much. But she is always with you. Right now she watching you from above. be strong and take care of your self.