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I'm mad at you, mom. I'm mad because you decided to start a family BEFORE you got married. I'm mad because you decided to have four children and no clue how to raise any of them. I'm mad because you think that just because your child turns 16, you don't have to raise them anymore. I'm mad because you're so busy working on your failing marriage, you're letting your kids fall through the cracks. I'm mad at the fact that you say you know what depression is like but you continuously put down me and my depressed sister. I'm mad that you're a hypocrite. I'm mad that you don't care about your family anymore.

I'm FURIOUS, mom.

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Hugs to you i hope you can talk to someone outside okay a coucillor your doctor someone to let them know how much pain you are in hugs to you:hugtackles::hugtackles:


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Parenthood isn't exactly easy. Where's the father? If there isn't, you need to understand that it's very difficult for a sole parent to raise four children. They need to earn money, cook, be there for all of you. Know that this attracts stress, and thus causes frustration and irritation.


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I can relate.My parents are the WORST excuse for parents In the entire world. They never helped me with my medical problems,my general problems, cooked for me, school work,nor took me clothes shopping.They NEVER DID A SINGLE DAMN THING FOR ME! I had to learn to fend for myself at the age of 11! If this was supposed to ''unleash my Independence'' , they were highly mistaken! Look where it got me! Now they're both sick, and I'M the one playing the parental role.Funny,huh? I hate my parents with a burning passion!!
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Im so sorry hun :(
Every child deserves to have a Mum who will protect and care for them ... for some of us thats sadly not the case

Hate can be so draining , try to turn your hate into something productive , something that will help you and your Sister

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