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am I alive

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Last night, I’ve made my first cuts, 14 lines on my hand, I wasn’t careful and my mom just saw it, and now she is upset, and I’m more depressed… I don’t want her this way, I know she loves me, that is why I’m still alive… I don’t know what to do anymore…I think I’m getting crazy. Now I’m going out of home…just want to walk alone…
Hun no offence but its a good thing that your Mum knows. You dont want to really get into cutting... it isnt worth it. It causes more shit than people want or need and it doesnt do anything good.

She's probably upset because she doesnt know any other way to react. You said she know she loves you, and she cares about you... she only wants what's best for you. Its in a way a lot better she knows now say, instead of a year or so down the track when you need stitches. Take care of yourself.. :hug:


am I alive

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I know this isn't best way to go, i just felt i should do something. I'm not sure will i do it again... maybe not.

Thanks for reply TDM,:hug:
i know exactly whats happening to you, the same thing happend to me. and i agree, mum knowing is horrible and makes it very uncomfortable.
actually you sound so much like me.
her reaction is perfectly normal, and so is yours.
please take care :)

I know you don't want to hear it but your mom knowing is the best thing that could've happened. I've been a "cutter" as they call it these days for years, I first started it during my Freshman year of High School, I am now a freshman in college. I sought help for it once years ago when MY mom found out. And I did well for a while but it didn't last too long, my mom still has an idea I do it, I am sure...but she doesn't always say something, instead she just fears and cries for her daughter. It is so tough on our parents and we don't see that. I know I've seen it through everything we've been through dealing with this, but I still can't stop from doing it. It's after I've done it I think about my mom and how she'd feel.

It's tough, but it is good she knows now. You really don't want to go down the cutting path, I hate it, it becomes an addiction and I HATE it so much. Best of luck to you, if you need to talk feel free to PM me!


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As the mother of a daughter who cuts, or used to, I can understand your mom's reaction: I was thrown out of orbit when I discovered my daughter's cuts on her arm:ohmy: and immediately made an appt with a Pdoc for her. She was on meds and counseling for a while, but is no longer under my legal authority so I can only hope and pray that she's doing better. I have no legal authority, but my "right to worry" will never end, no matter how old she is.:sad:

always a mother,


am I alive

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Thanks all of you for replies. I’m sorry to hear for your addiction xbeautifullybrokenx and eva. I hope you will get your way out of this.

I’m in college too, and strange thing is that I’m start doing this as mature man. As about my mother, she acting to me like I’m still ltl boy, I thing sometimes she is worried to much. Yeah, I know, as theleastofthese said she has “right to worry” no meter how old her daughter is, OK that’s right, but I think I can handle this by myself, however cutting is just aftermath of something more serious. I know she can’t help much, so I don’t want her into this. I just don’t want her feel bad because of me, that's why some things I want keep for myself.

Take care all of you :hug:
Hun... parents are parents... it doesnt matter if you're 13 or 31, they're always gonna look at you as 'their little baby'.... it doesnt really change lol. Look after yourself. :hug:


PS oh and you can be surprised sometimes... parents are sometimes more help than you give them credit for.
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