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    Happy 62nd Birthday Mom....

    I have her image, her beauty, her light burned into my memory but i never thought it would get to the point of being too painful to see her face. I would do anythhing to see her again, to hold her and tell her how much i love her. My mom meant the world to me but I never got the chance to tell her. I would do ANYTHING to have my mother back. Its so painful to see kids and their know I will never see mine again. And even though it hurts I would rather have 18 years with this beautiful, strong and courageous woman; through all the pain, heartache and sadness; then to have never had her at all. I love you mom ♥ Ellen W. Kennedy ♥ June 23, 1950 - June 23, 2007
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    such a beautiful tribute to your Mum 'tears of an angel' :hug:
    I believe she knows how much you love her as she looks down from above
    R.I.P. Ellen W. Kennedy
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    Re: Happy 62nd Birthday Mom....

    There aren't words, right? So...sending you love.
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    Re: Happy 62nd Birthday Mom....

    From someone who has felt the pain of losing one's Mom - never easy be kind to yourself as you know she would be to you...:hug: