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Monday, February 26, 2018

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Thanks Gaz!!!!
Hiya Angie, hope you feel better soon.....
I made cookies again :)
They're just baking, gonna take them out the oven in a moment (should probably go down now but lazy).
Have to go to the bank to put a few pounds in my account so that it doesn't go into overdraft, which it will otherwise.
Come join us @Freya @Anttmel @rabitt3434 @AsphyxiateOnWords @gypsylee @Dark Angel 777 @Charlieb10088 @Ash600 @walkerbait95
Not got time for more tagging as have to open the oven....

Challenge for today is to post on count to a million thread. And prove @JmpMster wrong - he thinks we won't get to a million. I say we will. lol.

Happy Monday!!!!


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thank you for the invite, gaz :D

i just came back from the gym + eat. almost fell asleep on the bed too after bath x)
but i'm awake for now ~

today's feb photo ch is about "light". hmm ~
tokyo illu.jpg okinawa illu.jpeg

olympia illu.jpg light kizaru.jpg
(sources : Tokyo illumination, Okinawa illu, Blackpool's Winter Gardens 2014, and the last one.. can be ignored [from one piece] x))

weeell ~ it's just the end of monday. and it's quite cheesy, but may we keep shining a bright "light" till weekend xD


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Hi. I'm having a wicked time dealing with the fact it's Monday. I dread coming to work more with each passing day.


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Evening from the snowy UK! Hope everyone has had/is having a not too unpleasant Monday! The hardest part of the week is over
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