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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Holocene, Nov 26, 2006.

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  1. Holocene

    Holocene New Member

    You don't need anything more in life than a lot of money, assuming you're healthy.

    If I just had the money, I could change my life. Also, make no mistake...your degree of wealth is the first thing people use to judge you. If you have a lot of money, you're "successful". If you have little money, you're a "loser" who couldn't make it.

    Anyway, I'm not suicidal, in fact never have been. But, life does suck. That I'm sure of.
  2. sosotired

    sosotired Well-Known Member

    Money does not buy happiness. I think a lot of people on here are ok financially but still suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts.
  3. am I alive

    am I alive Well-Known Member

    I'm suicidal and i'm sure it is not because of money...but if i'm reach i can't claim i would be still suicidal, i guess i would not...but money would not take away all my problems neither.
  4. Ziggy

    Ziggy Antiquitie's Friend

    I'm not sure that I need a lot of money... as long as I can pay my mortgage and don't have to worry where my next meal is coming from then that is fine. I don't need a fancy car or foreign holidays, designer clothes or the latest electrical gadgets, just enough to survive is fine.

    However, you can't deny money is a good thing to have. I've always been alone all my life but have been financially comfortable, I often envied a friend of mine who found love and happiness and got married and had kids etc. but when they got to the point where they were thrown out of their house and couldn't afford to feed themselves and had mounting debts, I kind of realised how money is perhaps more important than love (I know lots of people will disagree with me here, I should just point out again I've never been in a relationship so I'm kind of guessing here)

    I would say money doesn't bring you happiness, I'm certainly not happy, but I've got enough shit to deal with without having financial problems as well. Also, if people choose to judge me by how much money I've got then I think they're pretty shallow people and I haven't got much time for them to be honest. A lot of people make a lot of money by crooked or dishonest means, I don't think I should respect them or consider them to be 'winners', I'd rather be an honest 'loser'.
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  5. Grotesque

    Grotesque Well-Known Member

    I'm quite spoiled and unhappy
  6. ikarishinji

    ikarishinji Active Member

    "Money is the root of all evil.
    lack of money is the root of most problems."
    -Red Green
  7. music_addict

    music_addict Well-Known Member

    money certainly does not mean happiness. Look at Jeffrey Skilling for example. The man is extremely wealthy, yet im sure hes miserable knowing that hes going to prison. He does deserve it though.
    anyway, id like to tell you all about how you can still be happy without alot of money. but, alas, i have no money and am extremely depressed so i would be a hypocrite if i did.
  8. Raven

    Raven Guest

    Money is not everything, their are a lot of things in my life I would not trade for any amount of money, my freinds as much as they can annoy me to the bone are still their, I know even if I lost everything , my job, my cars and everything I had they would still be my freinds. I think money is put in front of to many things, and people have lost sight of what is really importent in life. I don't disagree that it makes things eaiser but not always better nore can it replace a lot of things. I am amazed at what people will do for wealth and what we have sacrificed in the name of greed, it sadenes me to no end to know that people out their truly think their is nothing more importent in their lives.

  9. FlipsycKill

    FlipsycKill Active Member

    Money doesn't make you happy I know this because I'm financially very well but it doesn't give you love or anything like that only people can.
  10. painsource

    painsource Well-Known Member

    You have no clue what people think.
  11. ace

    ace Well-Known Member

    Holocene you could be right for saying that money does fix alot of thing's and whether it buys happiness is another thing.With money you can use it to do alot of thing's that would make you happy but it cant cure you,I myself have never been short of a dollar in my life but I would give everything I have and own to wipe out my problems and be completely penniless and i mean that as long as my mind could be free of the hell.
  12. Bette

    Bette Guest

    :mad: Sucks it does and I hate it every single day. I am not suicidal either.

    Yeah some people are classist. Big whoop. I know people with money. I mean from old money. Generations of lots of change passed on. Guess what? They were in the same alley with me when I used to cop heroin. They were just as dope sick as I was. They could get arrested just as fast as I could have. They looked like crap just like me.

    Now mind you they could fford a better detox/rehab than I could. They did. Most of them picked back up and I didn't. One of the reasons they could go back out is they had the money for that "just one" bag after they got out of rehab. I did not.

    Look at that poor Gloria Venderbilt's son. Jumped right out the window of their very upscale Penthouse. The man is dead. Dead means you don't come back. You're done. His mother and brother wereleft to wonder and still do.

    By the way he had the best of Doctor's and psych wards.

    Anyone judges you by your bank account is the person with the problem.
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