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Most of us don't have enough of it, Almost all of us want more of it. Very few of us give any of it away, or very little anyway.

But the question is, are money problems part of your depression?

Is it a large part or a small part, and how do you think have more money could help you, either buy paying of debts, letting you get a different job or quit work, or just paying for therapy.

How much money, realistically do you need, say if someone offered to give it to you, to change something significantly in your life, and to help make you happy?


I personally hate money,.. Just because im sort of rich I've had too many fake friends that have all ended up using me and when I needed them they were nowhere to be found


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Sort of rich??? ;)

Well there are plenty of people in need, if you have too much money. I can let you know quite a few people or places where it could be put to good use.


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Money is a huge stress point for me. I hate living in the city, and would much
prefer a more secluded hermit-like lifestyle. The problem is finding a source
of income in a situation like that. Even if you buy a place in the woods outright,
with no mortgage, the cost of living is still rather high. So I guess I'll need about a million, and live frugally off the interest :p

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moneys never really been a problem for me, I don't have much but if I need some I always find a way of getting it. I probably would be rich by now if I didn't keep getting depressed and managed to concentrate on my business.


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I have enough money to pay most of my bills at the end of the month. I don't have the desire to go out and be some kinda " rainmaker " money making machine ( I tried to do that in my youth in my 20's & 30's ).

The desire isn't there anymore. I could probably hit the lotto and it wouldn't change a thing for me ( I know that sounds crazy..don't laugh )..but I don't want anything.
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