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    Have you ever felt so God damn swallowed by the monotony of life that youve lost sight of that escape route you always used to have ready at hand?

    most people have got somthing they fall back on, just a little thing they use, enjoy or do, that helps them focus on the direction they are desiring to take.

    not me, ive lost it, lost sight of it, ive tried everything and nothing i can do can bring it back, whatever it was.

    ive made new ones, but they are scatterd and meaningless

    ive even tried to tie them to my past to make them feel more meaningful but actualy they are as fragile as ash in the wind.

    Im sick of dealing with the way society says we should live, the things society recons we need to 'live'

    personaly im just tired of being dictated to

    the little breaks from the monotony we allow ourselves are precisly that, merely 'breaks' tiny lapses in time that hold no significance, as we always know that monotony is there, waiting, that routine is standing in the shadows, pretending to be an old reliable friend.

    the greatest weakness in human nature is the desire to feel important.

    is the understanding of insignificance the key to feeling alive?
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    I get what you mean about "Society". Society has it's pro's but also it's cons.

    How long has it been since you lost sight of having something to fall back on?