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  1. sorry, i know its long... read it if you want :)

    The monster lay in waiting
    Knowing its time would come
    Silently grinning
    Waiting for me to come undone

    It knew that this was coming
    That someone would pull the trigger
    Taking these small urges
    And making them grow bigger

    Taking me to the edge alone
    Standing there, i wonder
    Will I jump or will i stay
    What will be on yonder?

    I need to know all about
    These disturbing things again
    Losing interest in everything else
    Going into my minds’ den

    Trying to get out of this
    While i still can
    But the monster is in control now
    Not a ghost, but also not a man

    I will take over now
    And you will sit and watch
    Just wanting it to go away
    But feeling out of touch

    Scheming about awful things
    Wanting to cause you pain
    I want to twist it all around
    And see who i can maim

    They will believe
    Every word you utter
    Leaving you sad and lonely
    In a filthy gutter

    I am the new master
    And you will do as i say
    Nothing will get you out of this
    But you can go ahead and pray

    Is it me, or do i sense
    That you are a little scared
    Not knowing how i’m in control
    Never pretending that i cared

    Your friends wont notice
    A change in your state
    And if somebody does
    It will already be too late

    They’ve abused this body long enough
    It now seems it’s my turn
    Wanting you to lay awake
    Wondering if you’ll burn

    I see that now you realise
    That i’ve been here for a while
    Slinking away into your corners
    Always in reach of your smile

    I am what i am
    and i bring fear like rain
    knowing that you thought
    that i had already been slain

    here’s my plan
    i’ll share it with you
    seeing as your stuck with me
    with an everlasting glue

    please dont cry
    it just shows that you’re weak
    this i wont tolerate
    so stop looking so bleak

    feeling the bile
    push up in your throat
    dont wory, im inside now
    and you’re just the coat

    im going to take everything
    and throw it all away
    no-one will want to know you
    and they wont want you to stay

    hate will fill your world again
    and maybe this time it’ll hurt
    such a shame that i was almost too late
    with you having a spiritual growth spurt

    i have a plan
    and if you dont listen
    i will take you out
    make your blood glisten

    they’ll find you there
    disgust and dissapointment in their eyes
    all the time thinking,
    there my best friend lies...

    itll be over
    quicker than you think
    so dont challenge my will
    i will take you to the brink

    you wanted this
    dont try and deny it
    ive been laying in wait
    not trying to defy it

    take my hand
    dont pull away
    because im here now
    and im here to stay
  2. TimeIsNow

    TimeIsNow Member

    This is deep. As I read it I felt a little bit of anger lying inside of you. But overall this is a good poem. Keep up the good work.
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    The inner thoughts the other one very well displayed well written
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