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    I don't know whats going on.. My shrink put me on a new med and it took two months to get use to it.. Now it works great.. But I keep haveing these mood changes.. I take a med for them and it usually works..Maybe it's loneliness, I don't know.. I have made progress in some areas, and for the most part am feeling fairly stable.. But like right now, I woke up in a foul mood and just wish all this shit would just end..I'm at the point where I am getting tired of fighting it..If I ended it my family would get over it.. Hell they don't understand me. I tell them how I feel and all they ever say is I need to get off the meds and get my shit together..If I were to quit the meds I would already be dead, this I know!! I see my therapist every month and also feel I am sounding like a broken record to her.. She keeps telling me what to do,Thats fine and dandy but when I get home the lack of motivation takes over and I don't do it..I still isolate myself and she wants me to start doing volunteer work so I get use to being around people again..The thought of that scares the hell out of me..I have major trust issues when it comes to people..I freeze up and don't say anything. I look like a blooming idiot just standing there..I don't know what to do..I keep making changes and they don't help..WTF over!!
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    Re: Mood Cahges!!


    I can definitely relate to your issues with G. My psychologist was forever wanting me to push myself & set myself goals. Like you say that's all fair & well at the time but when you're home alone trying to boost yourself to do these things it's unthinkable & the hurdle just seems to huge.

    I understand the thought of being round people makes you apprehensive but the volunteer work is a good idea. I know your goal is to go work at the mental health facility but if that's too big to tackle at the moment is there nothing smaller that you can start out with? An animal shelter perhaps, where contact with people would be less? Even if that seems daunting for you, have you considered group therapy, still scary I know but then the environment may be a bit more controlled?

    Please don't do anything to harm yourself. Let the members here support you, you deserve it as you do such a good job of supporting everyone.

    Love you loads & loads xx
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    Re: Mood Cahges!!

    Definitely don't quit your meds just cuz of what your family says.

    As for getting out there, you don't have to straight away be talkative, take your time and settle in. Go at your own pace.
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    Re: Mood Cahges!!

    I agree. Dont quit your meds because your family thinks it woud be best. You know what would be best. You live it everyday. Not them. So dont let them try and bully you into something you know isnt right for you. If you want to try and stop them you have to talk to your therapist first and then weaning off only.

    As for your therapist, it's their job to listen hun. Even if it is the same shit visit after visit. Obviously if it is the same stuff then your therapist isnt doing much to get you past those issues. Next visit sit and talk to the therapist about the exact same issues you just wrote about here. Especially the anxiety and grief you are suffering regarding getting out and being with people. If you are really upset about it then maybe that is an indication that you arent ready for such a big step yet.

    Joseph you do so much to help others here. You never are afraid or worried about being "around" the people here. May not be real life but it is a very difficult thing to attempt and achieve. So please give yourself a pat on the back for that. And use it to help you see the good you can do in a volunteer position. Just take it as slow as you need hun and not at the pace everyone thinks you should be capable of.

    And when you feel like giving up that is when you need to turn to your friends here to help you get past those thoughts and feelings. Please give us a chance to help you now. Always here if you need a friend.
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    Re: Mood Cahges!!

    Thank you Claire, Mystik, And Carla!!!I just don't know....People freak me out and I freeze right up if I have to hold a conversation with them..Maybe one day I will figure out why...
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    As everyone else has said, don't listen to your family Joseph, stopping meds is never the answer!
    As for your therapist, she is paid to listen to her clients so don't worry on that score. :smile:
    Volunteer work does actually sound like a good idea because you can set the agenda doing as little or as much as you want, just take it easy, little steps are the answer.
    Talk to your therapist about your social anxiety, I'm sure she will have ideas about how to make you more equipped to cope, in your own time you can do this Joseph.

    Hazel xx
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    i understand completely, how it is to lose all motivation, once you are at home alone.

    the truth is, you are lovely and fine and a blessing to many just as you are.
    you do not need 'fixing' . that is the truth. BUT (and there is always a but....) there is a chance that you could have a higher quality life; your therapist sees this in you and it is why she pushes you.

    you are a rare person joseph. you are extraordinarily loyal and loving and personally, i don't know what i'd do without you. you have the heart of a lion.

    you work at your own pace love. do what feels right to you at the time that it feels right. i am a marshmallow and will never push you - but - i am always here to support you in any decision you make.

    lean on me a bit more, please. god knows i've leaned on you.

    and remember, all of us will get through this together.
    love you joseph xx