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Mood Disorder? Risperidone?

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I was diagnosed with "mood disorder" by a psychiatrist after my last suicide attempt. Kind of sounds like a very broad term, and the only reason I tried to kill myself is because of chronic pain. I guess it's crazy to not want to feel handicapped.

Anyway, who here has taken or know someone who has taken Risperidone? It was prescribed to me but I refused to take it. I have tried other drugs before and never felt different so I thought it was BS.

Besides, I wouldn't be so moody and depressed if I wasn't in pain. Hm, but instead of helping me right away they just prescribe drugs. :unsure:

I have tried Depakote, Paxil, Abilify, and Welbutrin and sometimes a combination of the aforementioned. I didn't notice a change. What will Risperidone do or will it even do anything at all? It seems pointless. All I want is for this pain to go away.

I just want control over my life and I don't see how being held hostage by the pharmaceutical companies will achieve that. I've also heard of very negative side effects to some of these drugs so it does concern me.


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Mood disorder has been tacked onto my main diagnosis of major depression recurrent. I'm not familiar with the medication you speak of. It's not unusual to need to try different medications before finding the one that works for you.

I have chronic pain as well. Mine is in my left knee. Nothing shows on x-rays or MRIs but a VA doctor diagnosed deteriorating cartilage just by examination. It's coming to light that I have osteopenia which is almost osteoperosis.

I have pain medication and when it flares up, I stay off my knee. I can't do a lot of what I used to do, like shopping and gardening but I try to focus on what I can do.

One elderly woman once told me the way she handled her pain was that she learned to smile a lot. I was not happy with her answer but the bottom line is what else is there to do than to take care of it as best I can and try to make the best of life that I can.

You may want to research the medication online to see if it is something that may help. Sometimes we just gotta try the stuff so we can move onto the next step in treatment.

I hope you feel better.
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