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Mood Falling Fast

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I have been feeling great for so long and thought nothing would bring me down. However in the last half hour one convo triggered me and now my mood is falling fast. I don't want to go back to where i was and can't believe i let something bring me down again.


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:sigh: I have now got to the stage where i want to sh i don't have my usual tools for doing this and am trying to find a way to either distract or another way to sh!


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No i can't say. As it has been dealt with but it has left me feeling like this i really want to sh i haven't sh for like months but now i want to soo bad.


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Hey Lancashirelass - have you got any family or good friends who can pop around to?

Or can you phone anyone up?

For now - get yourself a nice hot shower or bath - always makes you feel better ONCE you actually do it. Then, I don't know - any tidying to do? For me its like painting a bridge I pick up one thing and am back at the start.

I live alone - so its me! I'm the scruffy one! A clean mess though - so neat and orderly - but as a women sure - you might not see it that way!

So tidy up a little - any little jobs you can do. And if you can visit someone - its not that late - I can knock around to my folks at midnight as they are owls! I am born of owls!

You have done great for so many months - which is fantastic - you ought to be proud there. This is just a night you have to get through - so tell us more about what is going on - what GOOD things are going on - any jobs or education for you or whatever?

Take a walk if you feel safe. Most women in my area will only go out with the dog for a walk at night - bloody awful state of affairs - but I guess it might be dodgy in some areas - more fear than reality!

Good luck - keep up the good work and we are here if you need to vent.
lancashirelass, I hope you're OK.. Please write back. I'm thinking of you. Are you in England? I figured that from your name. My ancestors are from England. My cousin did our family tree. Anyway, I'm in NY, but I just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you. Please write back. We are thinking of you. Robin
lancashirelass, hope you're OK.... did you go to hospital? You OD'd? Please go to hospital. We care and are thinking of you. Please write back. Robin
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