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So I know there are so many helpful app threads on here. Somehow I can't seem to find most of them.

Random, can't we make a useful app thread stickied up somewhere? @Freya what'd you think?

So I downloaded some mood app which is crap.
I'm looking for an app to A, put in what I feel, I guess I'd love to chart what I can (most 'moods' will be irrelevant to me but I want more than the 'meh', 'bad', 'okay' or whatever I'm using has). And I want one that I can be charting cycles and see if there's any connection there too.

What apps do you use for either or both of these? Or one that has them both????

I'm using an Android phone, not sure if that makes a difference (maybe there are different kinda apps???)

Thanks y'all!


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I use p tracker. You can input your moods but it's mostly for cycle tracking.
If anybody has a good app that covers both, in depth, I'd be into hearing about it too.

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