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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by barto, Apr 1, 2011.

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  1. barto

    barto Well-Known Member

    As you can guess by the title, these are poems I write about how I'm feeling. Some may trigger...
  2. barto

    barto Well-Known Member


    Madness rages in my head,
    Yet no words escape my lips.
    Not even tears fall.
    How can I cry when the beats of my heart are stolen?

    There’s a whisper within blackness of my eyes,
    A desperate shout inside my soul.
    There’s a kiss left before you kill me
    A silent plea carved in my wrist…

    Cover your face; shadowed with hatred,
    Paint in your lips the red colour of a bleeding heart,
    A veil of mourning to mask your sneer,
    This was what you wanted all along.

    There’s one dream in the mouth of nightmares,
    A cry ringing inside my skull,
    Shall never be told
    The scream within my breaking veins…​
  3. barto

    barto Well-Known Member


    I wish I could capture you,
    put you inside a crystal,
    where you'll be safe
    where you'll be my little fairy...

    I wish I could capture you,
    in a place where your innocence will never be misplaced,
    where your heart will never bleed,
    and the tears will never fall...

    I wish I could capture you,
    in a place where dreams are a sweet fantasy,
    where the sin's kiss hasn't been place,
    where nobody could hurt you...

    I wish I could capture you,
    freeze the time,
    for you to be my beautiful fairy,
    I wish no harm ever touch you...

    I can't capture you,
    through I so desire,
    but I'll protect you as much as I can,
    and wash away the pain...

    My little angel...

    ***Note: This isn't so much as a mood as a thought. Lately, I've been thinking a lot about my little cousin, Ana. She's so young, so sweet, so pure. She's too young to have been corrupted by my family and the horrors of this world. That is why I love her so much. I've been worried about her future. I've wondered what is going to happen when she's older. I wonder if she'll turn out like Them; arrogant, selfish, narcissistic, clones. Or even worse. I fear that she could end up like me....I wish I could protect her from it all***
  4. barto

    barto Well-Known Member

    Sink or Swim

    I'm swim
    all alone in a pool of darkness
    caught in the undertow
    I choke and gasp for air
    I kick and flail,
    fighting to stay afloat .

    The darkness won't let go of me.
    I slowly being to sink,
    giving in to what lies beneath the surface.
    The murky water fills my lungs,
    lungs that once held so much life...

    A scream rises from my throat,
    but nobody comes to help me.
    Why won’t someone grab my hand,
    rescuing me from the clutch of darkness?
    Because no one knows I stand at the boundary,
    the boundary between light and dark.

    So I give in
    Everything I once held in my heart has waned
    The strength, the courage, the hope...
    I slowly slip below the world of conscientiousness
    I’m tired of treading water
    Let the darkness consume me.
  5. barto

    barto Well-Known Member


    Personal poetry or not, I welcome critique :p

  6. NotAnotherUserName

    NotAnotherUserName Banned Member

    Re: .....

    They were such strong poems, thank you for sharing!
  7. barto

    barto Well-Known Member

    Re: .....

    Thank you :)
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