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mood stabilizers


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i tried st john's wort and it only made me feel so much worse. like when you dont even know where to put all the intense negative emotions and thoughst you have and you just want to grind you teeth and scream constantly. i took it for a while, stopped and then gave it another shot and it had the same effect again. isnt a mood stabilizer supposed to be somewhat helpful? somehow it only made my bad mood persistent. in a way it did stabalize it then.

anyway, i temporarily moved back home and will move again in about 2 months so i dont have a psychiatrist right now and dont feel like looking for a newone, only to have to tell my story all over again after i move. id like to get something though, that i dont need a perscription for.
i have never been put on meds and just got diagnosed not too long ago. im not sure how that all works therefore. could i just take my diagnosis to a psych and have them give me a perscription? im sure the treatment would have to monitored by someone.
if that wouldnt be possible, and i kinda doubt it'd be that easy, is there anything that worked for some that i could get at a drug store with no perscription?

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the person to ask would be the pharmacist there hun they are very knowledgeable about medication and holistic medication as well
If not go to emergency a pdoc can see your there and give you something to help you

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