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Mood swings

How can you go to bed feeling happy and fine but wake up in the morning feeling the complete opposite? I left for work without saying goodbye to my family and I feel like total shit.


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Sorry it started off as a bad day. While i have no idea what causes even my own moods to swing much less am I able to speculate on the moods of others, I have come to the conclusion for me it doesn't really matter. By that I mean, I know sometimes there is no real reason for feeling low and down- at least nothing new or different. Maybe is just another day of same thing and tired of that- but still no real reason to feel much worse about the same thing. When I can put it into perspective that there is in fact not an actual reason behind it it can make it easier to look at it as an emotional response that if does not have a good reason I can try to intentionally change it by looking at it objectively.

" I feel like crap this morning- another day -same crap - over and over- will sit here all day and do same thing as yesterday- is no purpose in doing it - why bother? "
Then remind self - if it is in fact the same as was - why do I feel so much worse? Clearly it is not the day that it is worse., it is me that is worse. That to me is a important and actually positive thing. I cannot control the day- the schedule, what others are doing, etc. But I can still make choices for myself and control myself.

So if it is just me then I can make the choice to intentionally go out of way to speak to others / family for example and begin interacting as opposed to withdrawing further. I can choose to try to make a plan for later in the day to try to give myself something to look forward to- crap day- I am going to read for an hour this afternoon and just relax because I like to do that, I am going to go to store window shopping and find something cool that I would like to have (and hopefully not buy it- my point is to just find things I like or am interested in to prove those things still exist if that makes any sense).

I could give a dozen examples of things I try- and usually I can find something now - when I get low / in a bad mood for no reason that I can make choices to try to change or effect that mood and improve it. Not sure this will be of any use- might try it, but if not, I am sorry you are having a bad day and I hope that it gets better.


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Maybe the right treatment method could help address this. The links in my signature have some information that might be useful.


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Hi @Carlclimbs

I'm not sure if you are already on medication and who you receive it from (GP or psych) but it could maybe be worth investigating mood stabilisers.

I experience similar mood swings to you. It's like being on a flipping rollercoaster and totally exhausting.

But since starting on lamotrigine in combination with an antidepressant I've definitely noticed a marked improvement in the frequency. I'm not sure if a GP can prescribe mood stabilisers in the UK - I have a feeling they can only be prescribed by a psychiatrist but I could be totally wrong on this. Worth discussing with your GP..
@Lulabelle, I hope you are well? no I am not currently on medication. When I saw my GP I was reluctant and preferred instead to go down a group course. Not a therapy just a four week course designed to give you the tools to help. I’m halfway through this. I had an especially low day yesterday and was very anxious and tearful unfortunately in front of my partner and children. I was very open and honest and she was very understanding although is now quite adamant that I return to my doctor and be as honest with him. I’m just concerned that medication will just mask my issues I am hoping that maybe some counselling will help get to the root of them.


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Hey Carl

Medication won't mask your problems but it can help to get you into a frame of mind where it's easier to deal with them.

GP's in the UK seem to have a default prescription of antibiotics or antidepressants and that does piss me off a bit. But having said that antidepressants can be as life saving as antibiotics and there is no shame in taking them (ideally alongside some kind of talking therapy to try to get to the root of the problem)

If you're experiencing recurrent suicidal thoughts it would be a good idea to talk to your GP. You won't be carted off in a straight jacket but they will be able to get you the support you need.

Antidepressants are a bit trial and error. There are many different types and what works well for one person might not work for another. So it's not unusual to try several before you find the one that's right for you. Equally you may find the first one you try does the job.

Your partner sounds really supportive which is great. Would it help if she came with you to the GP? When things are bad with me my husband comes with me as he often has a better perspective on my moods than I do.
Thanks for your advice.
My partner has said she will come to see the GP with me, I think because she wants to be sure I’m telling him everything and if I don’t she will.
I do have concerns over telling a doctor how I’m really feeling. I don’t know if they would suggest that maybe I’m a danger to myself/others, what repurcussions this could have with my work. I prefer to have the safety net of routine and work to occupy my mind. Plus I’m around different people all day which helps divert my mind.
The doc has suggested medication before so yes it may be best to go back and speak about that again.
I have the third of four group sesssions tonight so we will see what help is there as well.

Thanks for your advice. Have a great day.

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