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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by LouiseCap, Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. LouiseCap

    LouiseCap Member

    I went to see a therapist for the first time last week and she told me that along with bulimia, I have OCD, a personality disorder and a mood disorder. She told me to go away and research them and to find out more so that I can see which I feel most like.

    The reason I'm posting is because I'm not sure whether I am Bi-Polar or not, I have read alot of info about it but still confused. I do definately have highs and lows but mine can happen very quickly like every week. A few days I feel happy and high, but then suddenly I can go to feeling very low for the next few days. This has even happened everyday for a week or so, high in the morning and very low as I get through the day and for no apparent reason.

    Is this just mood swings or what? :/
  2. Susan_G

    Susan_G Well-Known Member

    There is a catagry for rapid cyclers. Yes, it is strange how a mood can come on so suddenly. By the way it is very common to have more than one diagnosis.

    Good Luck
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