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Moods going down.

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Hey, I'm bipolar and my mood is going down so bad. It's not completely down but it's slowly going down and I know that in the next month I will be completely on the floor with depression. I'm also feeling really weird.
Two of my best friends invited me out for a couple of drinks tonight and we're really quite close but for some reason something felt off (this might be due to the depression though) and I'm feeling really quite paranoid about it. I got to the bar and they were there and they didn't say anything at all to me, no 'hi' or anything and didn't say anything to me for about ten minutes. I almost walked out. I know that this sounds silly but these are two of my bestest friends. I literally thought to myself 'Am I a ghost, am I invisible, have I been hit by a car?' and looked outside to see if a body was out there. I know how crazy that sounds but that's how weird it was. We started talking later but it almost seemed like I wasn't wanted there, yet they invited me out. You know when the smallest things seems to push you over?I guess I'm feeling a little shit too because a lot of my friends are going off to university in the next couple of weeks and I'm stuck here for another year.
I was going to mention my bipolar to one of them (no one knows yet and I need to get it out) but I'm not sure if I can. I know this isn't much compared to a lot of people's problems on here but I still feel like shit.
well first let me say that this is a HUGE deal! every1 has issues..i hate it when ppl say others have worse problems...but it doesn't matter how big or small!!!!!!!! they invited u out and didnt talk to u like they sud of -.- thats a HUGE HUGE HUGEEEE deal!!!!!!!! but ur saying something here to get help n im glad :) ur a GR8 person and u aint dead, nor a ghost, nor a shitty friend...etc...idk u yet..i might never know u...bt i know this...ur an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G- person and never let any1 tell u different!!!!!!!!!!
well....try this.....try having some1 u know that wont act like that when u see them...or be with them in a less "people-ized" area for a while....it might help....and ease back into the friendship
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