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more and more

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i am feeling more and more without hope and suicidal.

i have been "working on" hurting myself to lead me to suicide for many years, but after the last time i was in hospital, amonth ago, something changed and i decided i could try to live. only that i didnt know its so hard. i didnt imagine it was hard like this.

and now im on the edge of crying every moment, i cant function and have restarted thinking about suicide as a way out.

i feel so alone, no matter how much i reach out. i am still alone with my pain and with my unwanted life.

im so sick of this all, i wish so much i could end it all right now.


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Congratulations on the change that you did want to live...that's great! I think healing comes in small steps and soon you will have another one *hug*


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If you are feeling more and ore hopeless it is possiby a good idea for you to go see a doc and get some help.

What's your current support package?

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