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    When I finally got a job the other day I was so happy, I thought it would really improve things in my life, more money, a structure to follow, driving lessons and I thought It would help my relationship with my family. After they called me lazy n stuff.

    I told my dad and he wasn't pleased at all even after months of nagging me to get a job, because the job is as a cleaner at a sports centre. Yes it's a lowly job but it's local and well paid, also as I have social problems It's a job that doesn’t require me to be social which is good.

    The **** hasn't spoke to me for days, not that I care as I hate the fucker but my sister told me he had been going on to her about it, not just the job though, me in general, he says it's my fault I have no friends and don't go out much, lol stupid asshole if only he knew..

    Then my sister rings me saying "it's good you have a job but you can't do that all your life..what if you catch aids from cleaning toilets?!" lol what a bunch of shite.

    I feel squeezed from all sides, I'm hating my life and have been thinking about suicide a lot lately, even getting rid of certain things like diarys and drawings that I never want anyone to find when I'm dead, and planning how and where I'm going to attempt.

    It seems the first good thing to happen in months (job) and everythings turned shitty again because of my **** of a dad and sister. :sad:
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    I'm really sorry for you. I can't offer you any help because I'm not in a right state of mind now, but know that I feel for you.


    Lost Disciple
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    your family are fucking idiots.