More downs than ups.

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    Excuse me if I dont make much sense, reply, or have the best outlook.

    I've been through a ton, had good and bad times, some were to close and some I was on top of the world only looking down to pick others up. I have been taking my meds, but I feel like it literally changes everything in such an odd way some people just dont understand, and wont, but im fine with it, not the problem. You learn and live, live to learn, I go by that, yet everytime a thought comes in that I dont have to do this, nor does anybody else, it doesnt just go away, it soaks in deeper until something really good happens, and then it slowly fades away until the next depressing thing happens.

    Trying to get back on my feet with bills, attempting to get my shattered life back together after a bad breakup, which I still say its completely my fault, regardless of what the facts are.

    Its like one problem is the cause for 5, and so on, like I cant gets my life straight without help, I cant ask for help because I know I will be let down again, I cant search for help because theres always something that people want. Only help I think I need is a relationship, a girlfriend to be wife, kids, in my mind that can fix all, no matter the stress from trying to heal with another girl, like find somebody going through the same thing I am, can help eachother in every way. Stupid I know...
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    Hi, I can understand why you feel like that. You have to remain strong but like you have experienced you will have days where you have been be up and down.

    It's ok to feel down but you will eventually get better but dealing with one day at a time. Yes you are suffering but we can help you. It's good that you are posting as it helps you to cope with the current situation.

    You have a long term goal of having a relationship and by the way it's NOT STUPID BUT A GOAL THAT CAN BE ACHIEVED.
    Please be kind to yourself as you sound like a real nice person. Take care and be safe.