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    First of all, would any of you consider this a trigger for SH? I want to post it in a group I'm in, but I'll have to put a trigger warning if so, meaning less people will be willing to read it.
    Secondly, I hope you like it.


    You look down at the scars on your arms
    Wondering how you ever made it this far
    As you turn the blade around in your hand
    You begin to think maybe no one understands
    Faded butterflies lie beneath the lines
    And you would give anything to redo your life

    You think that there is no hope for you
    You’re taking a bed of lies as the truth
    You need so badly to read between the lines
    Look at all of your faded butterflies
    They’ll keep you from harm, safe and sound
    They keep you from breaking down
    Can’t you tune out the lies
    Just look down at your faded butterflies

    You run your fingers over your scarred wrists
    Wondering how it came down to this
    You hold the pill bottle in your hand
    Hoping that someone might someday understand
    You look down at the faded butterflies
    Wondering if this could maybe make them fly


    You put down the pills, throw away the blade
    Now you’re free to fly for another day
    The faded butterflies between the lines
    Made you reconsider, and they saved your life

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.