More Human than Hu-Nan

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  1. pit

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    I'm sitting down
    At Ping Pong Sagawa's Chinese joint downtown

    I'm feasting big
    On chicken chow mein and mosholu pig

    Working on a piece of meat
    Gotta tear it with my hands before I mash it with my teeth

    I'm stuck on a piece of flesh
    Chewing so hard I'm running out of breath

    I spit it on a rag
    Shine a penlight on the rascal 'fore I have it bagged

    It sparkles in the light
    Wet, pink, purple, wrinkled very tight

    I take out my magnifying glass
    Take a good look at this morsel that would give me bad gas

    I see pores and hairs
    With a tattoo of a honey shaving her legs with Nair

    I turn around and belch
    Jam my hankie in my mouth to wipe it free of filth

    My waiter Wong walks by
    Puts his hand on my shoulder when he hears me cry

    He says you made the grade
    Of patrons not disturbed by human remains

    Now I am an Eating God
    With my head cut off and painted goldenrod

    I rule the customers left of the bar
    To the right of the fishtank with the floating cigar

    You can toss quarters in my mouth
    And make a wish for the Buddha to dig my soul out.
  2. justafool

    justafool Well-Known Member

    Very fresh ingredients and quite tasty! :tongue:
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