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    ... hopefully this might help someone a little. I read a lot on here about people who are depressed and feel worthless due to difficulties with getting a job. People saying the only jobs out there are entry level jobs that would make them miserable - that they can't get a job with a decent wage because they have no experience and don't want to take a job that is menial, especially if their last job was skilled and relatively well paid. All very understandable.

    New Year 2012 I did not have a job. I did not think, honestly, that I was employable. The career I had, I had ruined - going from earning a very decent wage doing a skilled job to being mired in debt, penniless, living back with my parents which was untenable for a variety of reasons - I had no experience of any kind doing the sort of job I wanted, even though I knew I was capable if someone would give me a chance. All a very familiar story on here.

    i applied for over 300 jobs in 6 weeks. I applied for everything I was even remotely capable of doing. When I got an interview for a temporary position (rolling monthly contract) as in 'internet researcher' on minimum wage - I went. I very quickly realised I had literally no idea what the interviewer was talking about. I had never heard of SEO, I had no marketing experience, my knowledge of websites and computers was limited strictly to being able to log into SF. Ack.

    I admitted I was clueless, but pointed out that I was intelligent and hard working and willing to learn. They gave me a job. I moved out of my parents' at the first available opportunity - despite not being able to afford to heat or furnish the apartment or eat more than once a day.

    I challenge anyone to find a job more brain-numbingly boring than the work I did in the first three months of my employment. I hated it. It was dull, it was menial... a monkey could have done it. It was - to coin a phrase that is used often in the posts I read - beneath me.

    Yesterday I was given my third pay-rise in 20 months (increasing my salary by 60% from where I started - and, when you include performance related bonuses, making as much as ever did in the career I threw away) and an award by the company for being 'pivotal to the success of the quarter'. I now spend half my working time in meetings planning work flow, liaising with development on tool sets for the business, planning new products and processes. I train new staff and attend client facing meetings. I am anything but bored.

    My point is this: taking the menial minimum wage job that is 'beneath you' is not the horror story many people convinced it will be - it is the first step to reclaiming (or starting) a life. It is a million times better than sitting at home complaining that the economy is such that the only jobs available are entry level.

    This advice isn't for everyone, but there are many for whom it applies. There are companies that will take a chance on you when you have nothing. Take a chance on yourself and put faith in your ability to prove yourself. Take the entry level job and show them how far above it you can rise.
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    I am so happy for yo Freya and you are so right once you have your foot inside the door you can go as high as you want to
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    congrats on your job. It sounds like you found something wonderful for yourself. Good job !! You did good