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I cooked dinner for my mother and set up my pc so she could watch the tennis.She then screamed abuse at me all day said she cant handle my voice and stop shouting even though I wasnt even speaking .
My sister is drunk and screaming all day .We were supposed to go out tonight but shes drunk and very abusive and when I said I wasnt going with her she started screaming more abuse at me said I was the one with the problem .
I think they did this so I couldnt go tonight .
Theres a festival on and for the last three years I missed it over my sister and her drinking .
The nicer I am to my mother the worse she treats me.Yet she dotes on my sister who is a psycho and violent.
They never ask me how I am even though Im seriously ill .
My father agrees with my mother no matter how wrong she is.
Im the one whos shouted at by everyone.Im abused day after day .
I dont know how long I can take it .


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How old are you? How many more years until you can get out of there?
Its the alcohol speaking.. I've gone through the same thing. They aren't rational. They don't understand what they are doing to you..
I'm sorry, from the deepest part of my heart, that you have to go through this.. I know its hard to block out their voices of abuse, but that's what you need to do.

Is there any way you can go to this festival without your sister...? It would be good if you could get out of the house for a while..


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my mother doesnt drink ,she has no excuse
Im not going on my own ,Im going to wait for another night and go alone then
I have no frienda and the only people who speak to me are my family
Im old ,I moved away for years but I have been very ill in and out of hospital so couldnt move out
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