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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by }{Feather Pen}{, May 14, 2007.

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  1. I found it in the back room of an old book store. I'm not sure if I was suppose to be in there, but I took it anyway. I don't know if ya'll have ever heard of this book, but it's called More than Moody by Harold S. Koplewicz. It gives a thorough overview of teen depression and how to recognize the symptoms. It gives a few personal stories of things that have happened to people. Some of it I found, well, depressing, but it gave me a clearer view of how teen depression works. I found it very enlightening. It also gave some very disturbing statistics:

    *3.5 million teens suffer from depression annually.

    *3 million teens have suicidal thoughts annually.

    *2 million teens actually make plans to commit suicide annually.

    *400,000 teens make suicide attempts requiring medical attention annually.

    Please don't become another statistic. :sad:
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    Those are sad facts and just goes to illustrate that teens are just as likely to really hurt themselves badly as adults are despite normal people sometimes blaming it on raging hormones and attention seeking, thankyou for that piece of information.
  3. You're very welcome. I also found a book there called Kids Killing Kids, talking about school shootings and stuff. They actually DIDN'T blame it on Marilyn Manson for once. They said he WAS blamed for Columbine, but it wasn't really his fault. The book was very informative,aslo.
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    In Bowling For Columbine, Marilyn Manson actually had one of the better responses as to what he would have said to the killers before the shooting. He just said that he would listen to them.
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