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Ok, I hate fucking people

So my dad tells me tonight that our healthcare is going to change. course I don't know much about it but what he explained makes me mad.

I've grown to hate my mother over the past year or so. Part of the divorce agreement between the two of them is that she remains on the healthcare plan. and that's fine as it is now because it doesn't affect us. but with the new healthcare thing from my dads company will charge us and her anytime we go for a perscription or dr's visit or whatnot. and that takes away from my dads paycheck because he has to supply the healthcare until I'm 18! ahhg. another instance where I'm in the way of things being so much better. :( I don't fully understand it.. but he could argue it in court since the agreement was for the old plan.. and since its changing he could technically boot her out of it.. but then he'd have to go through the mess with lawyers again and could have the chance of losing...

I feel so sick. I'm evil. Part of me wishes she'd succeded when she attempted last. then she'd be out of our lives. But of course part of me still feels bad for everything because she is my mother....

:( I hate crap!


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You're not in the way, hun. It sounds like a tough situation. Just remember you're not responsible for any of this. Why do you think you're evil? Try to relax. I'm here for you. :hug:
Hun you're not evil for hating your mother. It's a totally natural reaction. You're not in the way. This isn't your fault or your responsiblity... I'm here for you hunny :hug:
Oh, but it is partially my fault. If I weren't here my dad could have a completely different health plan. so my mother wouldn't be able to leech off of him..

I'm evil for hating my mom, and for wishing her ill fate. wishing she'd succeeed. :(

I always get in the way...
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