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Morgan Tsvangirai and other opposition leaders released- Praise God!

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Bloodied, beaten and bruised, Morgan Tsvangirai and 50 others of the brave men and women who stood with him in defiance of the dictatorship in Zimbabwe were driven to court in a police van. Tsvangirai and the others with him were bruised and scarred after several hours of beatings in police custody. Some of the defendants were not able to walk and had to be carried in on stretchers.

They were released, although they are expected to make another appearance tomorrow. In spite of the horrific treatment they were subjected to, they did not allow themselves to be intimidated or terrified into stopping their campaign for justice.

'Nursing a badly swollen right eye and cuts to his head, the Movement for Democratic Change leader managed to shout out before being driven away: "The police assaulted defenceless civilians but the struggle continues."'

The Movement for Democratic Change has been a movement against Mugabe's dictatorship since 1999. It has and continues to struggle peacefully for the rights of Zimbabwe's impoverished people and in particular its AIDS victims. Even though its members have been subjected to horrific persecution over the years, it has refused to take up arms against the regime or accept outside military intervention. It continues to call for Zimbabweans to defeat Mugabe, and is not going away.

Praise God for the fact that these people have been freed. I pray Christ blesses them in their struggle and gives them the strength to be able to continue working for social justice in their homeland. May their courage and faith move us to work to do what we can work for God's Kingdom.

Thank you to all of you who were praying for these men and women. God bless you.

Cristo Vive!
- Tomasz


Pictures of the defendants leaving court. Some are graphic and show the extent that some people are capable of going to in order to entrench a system of inequality and injustice.


Protesters being rounded up in Harare by police. What happened to many is already known.
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